May 30
  • KISS on MTV
    From: James Vincent
    According to Kerrang (28th May) there is a new weekly show on MTV Europe (from 2nd June) called SuperRock. On the first show there is scheduled to be a report about the Rock am Ring festival including interviews with Kiss.

  • "Black Diamond" Book Info
    From: Dale Sherman / "Black Diamond" Book web page
    Wanted to let you know that Black Diamond is now available through Tower Records. However, some of these stores may not have put the book on their shelves. If someone wants a copy and can't find it there, talk to the clerk and/or manager about ordering it through Tower's distributor, Bayside. They should be able to get it that way.

    As to Barnes & Nobles and the Borders stores -- each of their distributors have bought the book for their stores. However, as both stores carry music items, you may want a clerk to check both their music and book listings to see if they can order the book for you. The book is currently available through three mail order companies that I know of (each also do some record conventions as well): Music Machine (, Rock Dreams ( and Terrible Ted's Import Music ( All carry other KISS merchandise, so you may want to check them out if you're looking for other items as well.

  • May 28
  • Note from H&H on The KISS Years book
    From: HH Global
    Hello Kiss Fans!
    The Kiss Years books ARE IN and have begun shipping!!!!
    All we ask is that you please be patient, we are doing our best to get them shipped out as quickly as possible!
    The book that you get when ordering thru us comes with a CD, trading card and poster..those who picked it up at the Jersey Con did not get those items, the ones in some of the small record stores do not get the poster!!!
    So, those of you who ordered the book from H&H are getting some extra stuff!!!!!!!
    We thank you for your patience, and when you see your book, you'll know just how COOL it is...and that it was well worth the wait!!!!!!!
    If you havent ordered it yet...check out
    or E-Mail us at...
    call: 1-330-KISSFAN

  • KISS Remasters Release date
    From: Bob Rodrick
    According to ICE CD newsletter, the remastered versions of "Kiss," "Hotter Than Hell," "Dressed to Kill" and "Alive" (I believe on a single disc) will be released on July 15.

  • KISS Trading cards
    From: Kenny Gaines
    I recieved my new promo set of trading cards today from Cornerstone communications.The promo set from them includes P1-P4 and P6.These cards are free.They are beautiful,they are live shots of each member and one of the shot from the carrier.P5-P7-P8 and P9 are available in various card magazines and in the new Barry Levine book.These are a must have for any collector.Visit their home page for more details

  • Bruce Kulick news
    "Just talked to Bruce and thought I would give you all an update! He & John just finished recording "Maggie May" for the Rod Stewart tribute. HOW COOL I think it will be out this fall. He has added a Name the Band Contest to his website--check it out Bruce Kulick's Virtual Studio ."

  • May 26
  • KISS Asylum Features
    A couple of things added this week to the KISS Asylum Features section that I want to bring to your attention:
    1. I recently interviewed David Snowden, who is now in charge of Ace Frehley's Rock Soldiers fan club. Check out the brand new KISS Asylum Exclusive interview with David Snowden in my Features section under the "Interviews" header..
    2. As with every Monday, I will add another excerpt from the Black Diamond KISS book to the Black Diamond web page. You can access the page from my Features section, or click the banner atop the web page.

  • KISS in the German charts
    "Let's make this happen!"
    I went to see the KISS-show in Hamburg last saturday (brilliant as always) and met some guys there from Mercury Records Germany. The big news they had for me is, that KISS could make a chart entry in the german top 100 the next days with "I Was Made For Loving You". The song has just been re-released in Germany. Right now the song is on a waiting line at position 112. It just needs a little help from us to make the song climb up. So, all you german and/or european fans, get up and phone or fax the following numbers and ask the radio stations to play "IWMFLY". If the song has some more air play, it soon will have its chart entry. If you contact the radio stations, make sure you tell them you're calling from a city that's in the region of that station. This is very important.

    Here are the stations, citys to tell (some options) and numbers: You can call the stations any time, if not other noted.
    Hit Radio FFH, Frankfurt/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt, Tel. 069-78770
    HR 3, Frankfurt/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt, Tel. 069-1554080 or -1552089
    Antenne Bayern, München/Nürnberg/Würzburg, Tel. 089-9927777 or -99277277
    Bayern 3, München/Nürnberg/Würzburg, Fax. 089-59003431
    SDR 3, Stuttgart/Reutlingen, Tel. 0711-262728 (daily from 9:00-13:00 h)
    Antenne 1, Stuttgart/Baden-Baden, Fax 0711-7205917 or -7205917
    Radio Bremen, Bremen, Tel. 0421-246666, Fax 0421-2461012 (Fax is better)
    N-Joy, Hamburg/Kiel/Bremen, Tel. 01805-3941 (daily from 13:00-14:00 h)
    NDR 2, Hamburg/Kiel/Bremen, Tel. 01805-117727, Fax 01805-117728
    RSH, Hamburg/Kiel/Bremen, Tel. 0431-585757 (daily from 18:00-19:00 h)
    Radio Fritz, Berlin/Magdeburg, Tel 0331-7481110 (daily from 19:00-20:00 h)
    SWF 3, Stuttgart/Baden-Baden, Tel. 07221-2019 (daily from 13:00-15:00 h)
    SR 1, Saarbrücken/Saarlouis, Tel. 0681-2131 (saturdays from 20:00-24:00 h)
    WDR 1 LIVE, Köln/Dortmund/Essen/Düsseldorf, Tel. 0130-2911
    Radio Salü, Saarbrücken/Saarlouis, Tel. 0681-3909 (daily from 16:30-24:00 h)
    Radio Regenbogen, Mannheim/Ludwigshafen, Tel. 0621-3360200
    RPR, Frankfurt/Wiesbaden/Ludwigshafen/Koblenz, Tel. 0621-527452
    SAW, Magdeburg/Erfurt/Cottbus, Tel. 0391-630174
    Radio 7, Ulm, Tel. 0731-1477347, Fax 0731-27767 (Fax from 12:00-13:00 h)
    KISS FM, Berlin/Potsdam, Fax 030-46490988
    Antenne Brandenburg, Berlin/Potsdam/Magdeburg, Tel. 0331-7214330
    Antenne Thüringen, Erfurt/Jena/Gera, Tel. 03643-552555
    NRJ Sachsen, Leipzig/Dresden, Tel. 0341-484848, (Mo.-Thu. from 21:00-24:00 h)
    NRJ Berlin, Berlin, Tel. 030-2612345 (daily from 14:00-18:00 h)
    MDR Live, Leipzig/Dresden/Chemnitz/Cottbus, Tel. 0341-300911

    Thanks for your support!!!

  • May 25
  • Dale Sherman, & Black Diamond at the KISS-A-RAMA
    From: Dale Sherman / Black Dimaond web site
    Dale Sherman, author of BLACK DIAMOND, will be appearing at the Cleveland KISS Expo this coming Sunday, June 1st. With him will be Haley, the cover girl from the book, and both will be signing copies of BD during the show. Signed copies of the book are also going to be given away during a radio promotion for the convention on May 30th, so keep an ear out on that.

  • KISS Font -- DieNasty
    From: Patrick Vick
    I have an online friend, Ray Larabie, that does custom fonts. Well he and i got together and the kiss truetype font was created. It's called dienasty and it's 15k. Here is the url:

  • Rock Am Ring Update
    From: Tore Raaen
    Just watched the Rock Am Ring festival highlights with over 80,000 spectators on MTV Europe, and they showed a half an hour of KISS. There was a interview with the band(Nothing Special), and they showed these songs:
    I was made for loving you
    God of Thunder
    Black Diamond
    Rock and roll all nite
    God of Thunder, Black Diamond and RARAN were shortened a bit(No drumsolo++)

  • KISS on Much Music
    From: Wgolac
    Last weekend on Much Music was the #1 weekend. Nothing but #1 hits from the past. I was watching, when suddenly they played 'I was Made For Lovin' you'. If I'm not mistaken, that was not a number one hit. Oh well, I'm not complaining. I'm glad to see KISS on TV again!!

  • KISS on MTV Europe (again)
    From: Michael Sluyter
    This weekend MTV Europe did an entire weekend with highlights of the Rock am Ring festival in Germany. Last week they showed half an hour of Kiss live. This weekend again they gave us half an hour of Kiss from the same concert. The video and audio mix was better and there were some other songs. They started with firehouse. After this a small clip of Spiro who was putting make-up on Camilla from MTV. The next song was I was made for loving you with some fireworks. A short interview with the band was next. Our hero's were standing next to each other with Peter standing on a little box. Gene explained that the rest of the band are wearing high heel boots exept for Peter because he can't drum with those high heels. Gene joked that without the high heels they are only two feet tall. God of thunder was next. Ofcourse it started with Gene spitting blood, and this looked really great on TV. He flew up and on top of the lights you could see his chest was all covered with blood. The drumsolo was really short so i think MTV cut it. Back to the interview where Camilla (MTV) had make-up on and was standing on Gene's boots. She wants to be a member of Kiss and Gene suggested she could play the flute. Black Diamond followed and at the end of this tour it sounds like Peter's voice is the best now! I think MTV did some cutting in this song to, but it is great to see The band go over the crowd. After another short interview where Gene was pulling Eden's (MTV) underwear, the special was closed with Rock and Roll all night introduced by Paul as the Universal Rock and Roll anthem. We got a good look at Ace his new guitar. The show ended with lots of firework and Paul smashing his guitar. Nice special!

  • May 23
  • I Was Made for Lovin' You
    From: Michael Sluyter
    According to German magazine Bravo I was made for loving you is released on single in Germany. On the cover of the single is a recent foto from Kiss in make-up and the German Kiss logo. In their review they gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

  • May 22
  • KISS on Muzak
    From: John Earl
    Was surprised that I did not see an entry of what I heard last week on the radio. I was in S. Illinois or Kentucky or Tennessee, not sure, when on the top of the hour newscast it was reported that Muzak was adding four KISS tunes to their ranks. If memory serves, they were,"Beth", "Sure Know Something", "Everytime I Look at You" and "World Without Heroes".

  • Eric Singer news
    From: KISSfucco
    Eric Singer wanted me to let everyone know he is playing a couple of shows with Gilby Clarkes band. This is not the band that does all cover songs. This band does all of Gilbys original material. Also Eric is not a member of this band he is only doing the following two shows. Friday May 23rd in Tuscon Arizona at a club called The Rock. Saturday May 24th in Pheonix Arizona at a club called The Mason Jar. If your in the area go bye and say HELLO.

  • May 21
  • Peter Criss Cat Chat
    From: Steve Gerlach
    The Peter Criss Cat Club, in association with AceFrehley.Com, is proud to announce the first internet Chat room dedictated to Peter Criss.

    Peter Criss fans look no further!

    The Catman now has his own chat room and you need to visit the Cat Chat to find out the latest...and to talk with other Peter Criss fans.

    It's up now, and it's happening....Follow that link, you cool cat! The Peter Criss Cat Club:

  • May 20
  • KISS Visa news
    From: Michael Tannacore
    I found this on while I was checking my news.
    Kiss Card - Credit card users will soon have the option of gazing onto the painted faces and lizard tongues of rock group Kiss each time they charge a meal or pay for their purchases in plastic. Wilshire Financial, an entertainment merchant bank in Los Angeles, says it will begin marketing a Visa classic card featuring the band "in full makeup surrounded by a ring of fire."
    The company is also marketing a Visa Gold card featuring the group's Kiss logo on a black and gold background. In addition to traditional credit card services, Wilshire says the band will send subscribers special monthly messages. Wilshire's 28-year-old president Peter Klamka says, "You don't have to be one of the millions of Kiss fans to carry the Kiss Visa. You just have to like cool things."
    From Reuters: (NY) "The credit card is being issued and maintained by First Commerce Corp.'s First Bankcard Center. It will carry an annual percentage rate of 16.9 percent and a $20 annual fee, a First Bankcard Center client services representative said."

    (Note: Go to KISS Otaku to get the Visa application)

  • KISS at "Rock am Ring"
    From: Alex Pfeil
    I just can't believe what happened to me last sunday after the KISS-show at "Rock am Ring". When I got back to my hotel, located direct at the venue, I found out that KISS stayed there too! Being a fan for 20 years now, a dream became true when (at about 1:00 am) Gene and Paul showed up at the hotel-bar.So I took the chance to talk to my heroes and tell them how much I love them and their music. When I mentioned to Gene that I named my firstborn son after him (he's 4 years old) he was very proud and happy. And guess what, he invited me and my family to be his guests next saturday at the show in Hamburg. Unbelieveable!!!!!

    And here are some other interesting statements made by Paul and Gene:

    Paul: He does not want to have Eddie Kramer to produce the new album.
    Paul: He said his son Evan changed his live.
    Gene: The C.O.S. album will not be released the next 2 years.
    Gene: He re-recorded the song "See You In Your Dreams" for his solo-album because he did not like the kind of guitar that Paul played. On his solo-album the guitars on this song were played by Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick).

    Some words on the show:
    As always, the best rockshow you can see. No changes in the set-list. Ace was the winner of this show, he was in best condition and played absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately Paul did not fly. As Tommy Thayer later told me (I met him in the hotel-lift) this was because of the weather-forecast. They thought it would rain, and so it would be too dangerous for Paul to fly. All other effects worked well.

  • May 19
  • Black Diamond book Excerpts
    There are some excerpts up from the Black Diamond KISS book on the Black Diamond page. I will add a new excerpt each week. Check it out

  • KISS on MTV Europe
    From: Peter Hingle
    Just watched Kiss Live On MTV Europe and here is the report:
    MTV Text advertised it as an hour long live set from Kiss, however the first half an hour was taken up with another showing of 'The Second Coming' then at 22.00 gmt they showed the following songs live:
    Let Me Go Rock N Roll
    Do You Love Me
    Watching You
    Shock Me.
    That was it!!! There was a couple of breaks in transmission as the live feed screwed up somewhere along the line. The band sounded fine and the audience was huge, next weekend 24th-25th May is a Rock Am Ring Weekend special on MTV, so hopefully we'll see more then.

  • May 16
  • Nuernberg Festival Website
    For all of us who will not be able to see the KISS telecast from the Nuernberg Rock Festival this weekend I found this LiveCam site that is transmitting images from the show.....
    I don't know what times to look for KISS on there though.

  • Greatest KISS chart position
    From: Bob Rodrick
    Here are the Billboard Top 200 Album positions for "Greatest Kiss."
    Debut: 77
    2nd week: 101
    3rd week: 145
    this week: 178

  • May 15
  • Corrected Tour Dates
    From: Rickard Naimoli
    Madrid, Spain: June 25th
    Zaragosa, Spain: June 26th
    Lisbon, Portugal: June 28th
    The Italy show is not happening!
    Belgrade, Serbia: June 4th
    These shows are all confirmed.

  • May 14
  • KISS stories from fans
    From: Gaylon Tyner
    My name is Gaylon Tyner. I own my own publishing business, TVS STUDIOS in Arkansas. I am a huge KISS fan and collecting stories from KISS fans around the world for an upcoming book. I would like their stories of why they are such kiss fans, how they became them, have they ever done anything that (like paint their face and serenade the neighbor while playing a tennis racket etc.). Who their favorite member and song. My page is at
    Spread the word. It time for KISS fans to tell the world why KISS is the hottest band in the world. I've already received some from Holland, australia and various places in the U.S.

  • May 13
  • KISS Portfolio fun
    There is a new game you can play in the Features section. Check out the "KISS Portfolio fun" section by Sal Governale for more info

  • KISS Book reviews
    I usually don't post reviews like this on my front page, but since this guy did a short review of BOTH the Black Diamond book and the KISS & Sell book, I thought it would be cool to see both reviews back to back to see how the books differ or not.
    Black Diamond review by Eric Taylor
    Just thought I would write and give my new review on the Kiss book Black Diamond by Dale Sherman.
    The new novel Black Diamond by Dale Sherman is out now and in my opinion is one of the best biographies about the band. It is straight forward and very percise in giving the facts (and not the legends) about the band. There is alot of new information that I had not heard over the years about all the members of the band, and some stories that I had forgotten about. One of my favorites from the book is the story about Ace when he sprayed painted his hair silver and thought he could wash it out later. I lost it when I read this. It was great!!! It is really nice to read a book that tells the truth about the GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD and have it be uplifting and not putting the band down at every instance. Dale Sherman has done a really good job and I hope he will put out more about the band. The interview Cd that comes with the book is interesting also. I hope Dale will bring out more of this interview on Cd, I found it really enlighting to hear about Eric and his views on the band.

    KISS & Sell review by Eric Taylor
    Wanted to write and let you know of my review on the new book Kiss and Sell by C.K. Lendt.
    Kiss and Sell is the new book by author C.K. Lendt. It covers his time with the supergroup Kiss and his views on their finacial endevours. My views on the book is that it is very well written and gives alot of new information on the GREATEST BAND IN THE LAND. It is really refreshing to see a writer take a new approach as to how to view Kiss. This is not just another autobiography about the band, but what made the band tick. His views are very biased and he does not go out and try to make it look like the band was good or bad. He just tells how it was and what it was like (to me it sounded like the best time in the world!).

  • C.K. Lendt Book Signing
    C.K. Lendt will be doing a book signing and Q&A session at the Enfield, Connecticut Media Play Sunday, May 18 @ 3:00 P.M. For info and directions call (860)253-4777 and ask for Irene.

  • New Ace Frehley Tribute CD
    From: Ace / KNN
    The initial groundwork for a new Ace Frehley tribute CD is now in the works. The difference with this new tribute CD is it will most likely directly involve Ace's old label MegaForce records, and Ace Frehley's former band members. Plus some very big names have stepped up to contribute to the CD.
    All of this is tentative and still under discussion but so far it all looks very good.
    Another unique feature of the CD will be its multi-media elements, which will include a screen saver and computer videos, when you place the CD into a CD-ROM. More details to follow as the project gets off the ground, expeect a release in the Winter of 1996, with possible contributions from Ace himself.
    A contest will be held on AceFrehley.Com as to what the new CD will be called, details to follow here on KNN in the next few weeks.

  • New Rock Soldier Magazine
    From: Ace / KNN
    Fans who are members of the Rock Soldier fan club can expect a new issue of the Rock Soldier magazine to appear in their mailbox within a week or two. The issue will most likely include an exclusive interview of Eddie Kramer about the new and upcoming Kiss album and other projects. David Snowden has very big plans for the news letter and he wants to keep most of the new layout very secret. I think most fans will agree though, the new directions the fan club will be takign will be very positive for the fans.
    Also Rock Soldiers will soon have a new home on the World Wide Web with direct particapation from Ace and Ace's management. The site will include reprints of old issues, bi-monthly updates from Ace and great exclusive merchandise for Ace Frehley fans.
    Details to follow shortly, stay tuned to KNN for more details.

  • Eric Carr's Rockheads
    From: John Jasko / KNN
    I received this message the other day in my e-mail and wanted to pass this along to all the fans of KISS and the late Eric Carr. Eric Carr's ROCKHEAD animation have finally arrived.. Check em out
    Find out how you can have a part of the Rockheads Below:
    There is a Beautiful Eric Carr's...ROCKHEADS PRESSKIT available, consistng of 10 Sharp, great quailiy 81/2 x 11 laser Bkl & Wht Framable prints of the Rockheads, charators.. plus!! 2 Sheets of Adorable Rockheads stickers. And as a special collectable a sheet of Eric Carr's genuine.. NOT COPIES,.. of His personal streetgang stationary and business card, with his name.. these ARE NOT!!! copies Streetgang was, eric's parent company, for the Rockheads. If you are interseted please let me know ASAP they are limited.... they sell for $29.99, but is a well worth collectable this may be the only Rockhead items availble For a while or at all .. please Spread the word about the website http://huson .idt. net/~snoopy9 so all of eric's fans can enjoy..let Kiss know how much you love the Rockheads... ....check em out

  • KISS Army Manual
    From: Doug West / KNN
    I'm starting to put together a book called The Kiss Army Manual. There's going to be two sections. One section is basically going to be by the Kiss Army for the Kiss Army. Each person can write whatever they want on Kiss. In return, they get their own chapter. The second section will contain things like album info, video info, etc. The info is out there, but I want to bring it together. Also, this would benefit the few(?) people who don't have access to the internet. So far I've had a few contributions. I'm looking at somewhere around 50 chapters. This would give me about 150 pages if the average length is 3 pages.

  • Details on New Merchandise
    From: KISS Otaku / KNN
    In June Ralph Marlin will be releasing two ties, a silk and a microfiber. The designs have yet to be approved. Also in June, Computer Expressions will be releasing two mousepads and a pop-up CD-ROM holder. One pad will have the solo faces and the other will have a new image. The CD-ROM holder will have the photo from centerfold of the tour program. Look for Spencer Gifts, David Snowden and H&H to carry the product. The Coins are now available! The response to them at the Seattle show was great! You can order them by calling 1-800-345-6468.

  • Spencer Gifts Retails Exclusive KISS PrePaid Phone Cards
    From: KISS otaku / KNN
    May, 1997, (Houston, TX) National retail chain Spencer Gifts recently agreed with Houston-based prepaid telecommunications company, Creative Communications, to carry KISS phone cards in all 500 of its locations. Creative Communications holds the exclusive license to use any KISS image on prepaid phone cards. Two exclusive KISS licensed image cards were produced for Spencer Gifts by C2 and will be sold in a prepaid phone card section of the stores across the US. "Spencer Gifts is one to the more progressive retailers in that they have a phone card section," says Tim Barto, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at C2. The KISS cards will be sold along side other recognizable bands' phone cards such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.
    As a launch program, 2000 cards of both exclusive Spencer Gifts KISS images were produced. The first card, which displays the KISS commemorative convention poster also features electronic autographs of all four band members. The second card features all four band member' solo album images and the KISS logo. Both cards retail for $10.00 and provide 30 minutes of prepaid calling time, and are packageed in windowed envelopes for security and added collectibility.
    Further, the KISS phone cards are available for purchase on the Spencer Gifts web site at, which is linked to Creative Communications' web site, and to the official KISS tour web site at Spencer Gifts has also set up a toll free number (800-762-0419) so that customers can purchase the cards over the phone without entering a retail location.

  • May 12
  • SPIN KISS Giveaway
    From: Puppyo
    SPIN Radio will be featuring Kiss and Sell author C.K. Lendt on its affiliated stations on Wednesday, May 14th. Lendt will be discussing the book and his many years with KISS. Additionally, he will be ready with trivia questions, and listeners with the correct response will win copies of Kiss and Sell, as well as complete sets of the SPIN KISS covers. CK LEndt will be on the following stations on Wednesday morning (IMPORTANT: ALL TIME SLOTS ARE IN EASTERN TIME.... ADJUST ACCORDINGLY FOR YOUR TIME ZONE):
    8:30-KSQY, Rapid City, SD
    8:40-WTPA, Harrisburg, PA
    8:50-KFGX, Fargo, ND
    9:00-KQDS, Duluth, MN
    9:10-WDHA, NY/NJ
    9:20-WIHN, Peoria, IL
    9:40-KRZZ, Wichita, KS
    9:50-KOMP, Las Vegas, NV
    10:00-WMZK, Wausau, WI
    10:10-KUPD, Phoenix, AZ
    Listen and call in to win KISS AND SELL!

  • Bruce Kulick News
    From: Brian
    I just heard that Bruce Kulick will appear at the The Toy, Music, Movie and Horror Expo at the Meadowlands Convention Center in New Jersey on August 23, 1997. Other guests include Blackie Lawless of WASP, Freddy Kruger and the Green Hornet.
    I went to one of these shows a few years back when Ace and Peter were there and there was a lot of Kiss stuff. Pretty cool show.

  • KISS Live
    From: Jan
    Hi, I just saw on MTV Text over here (Europe) that they will be showing one hour of KISS live from Rock am Ring this Sunday at 10.30PM CET. Just thought you might want to post that on your page for the European fans.

  • KISS news from Cornerstone
    From: Cornerstone

    P. O. Box 18306
    Tucson, AZ USA 85731
    (520) 722-1304
    fax (520) 722-3149

    Darren Johnson, Office Manager for Cornerstone Communications, announced today that a total of nine different promotional cards will be available for the first series of KISS COLLECTOR CARDS.
    P1 - P4 and P6 are available from Cornerstone Communications directly, through the mail and and at shows and conventions. Collectors desiring these cards should send a SASE with TWO STAMPS (64 cents) to Cornerstone at the address above.
    P5 is available only with Barry Levine's book of photographs, THE KISS YEARS. Individual copies of the book may be ordered at 1(800) 547-7326.
    P7 is available only with the August/September (Vol. 8 No. 4, street date approximately July 9th) issue of NON-SPORT UPDATE, a card collecting magazine. The magazine is available on news stands and in card and comic book shops. Individual copies may be ordered at (717) 238-1936.
    P8 is available only with the July (street date the first week in June) issue of TUFF STUFF'S COLLECT!, a card collecting magazine. The magazine is available on news stands and in card and comic book shops.
    P9 is available only with the September (#32, street date approximately the 4th week in July) issue of COMBO, a toy, comic and card collecting magazine. The magazine is available on news stands and in card and comic book shops.
    During the life of its two-year license, Cornerstone will issue several collectible card sets, each featuring awesome color photos, revealing biographies and detailed discographies. A special nine-card KISS PREVIEW SET will be issued through the direct market (comic book and card shops) in June, 1997. The first full-scale, mass-market set is scheduled for a July release. The cards will be available worldwide through specialty shops, music stores and select retail chains, as well as KISS concerts.
    Since 1992, CCI has produced high quality, special interest trading cards based on such diverse entertainment properties as THE MONKEES, MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS, MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, DOCTOR WHO, THE AVENGERS, THE PRISONER, HAMMER HORROR films and the Japanese animated feature films AKIRA and ROBOT CARNIVAL. KISS now takes its place as Cornerstone's flagship license.
    For more information about KISS COLLECTOR CARDS or other Cornerstone products, contact either Walter Rowan or Darren Johnson at the numbers above, M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., MST.

  • May 11
  • KISS Views Note
    Just a note to let everyone know there are some new reviews of the New Jersey KISS Expo along with reviews on the new KISS & Sell book in the KISS Views section of this web site.

  • Bruce Kulick / Eric Singer Unofficial Web page - 495
    From: Kai Roen
    I just want to say that the new Eric Singer/Bruce Kulick website is up at this address :
    It's an unofficial website and if YOU have an story, report or a photo you want to share with the rest of us, mail me at :

  • Exclusive to the Cat Club
    From: Steve Gerlach
    We speak with BLACK DIAMOND author Dale Sherman about Peter, Kiss, his new book on the band...and that cover! After the great interview with Dale conducted by Kiss Asylum, we wanted to know we tracked him down, caged him, and put him under the microscope...his answers will blow you away! Follow the link now!!
    The Peter Criss Cat Club:

  • May 10
  • Carrie Stevens in Playboy
    As reported here earlier, Carrie Stevens - girlfriend of the late Eric Carr, is in the new June issue of Playboy. You can check it ALL out right here!

  • May 9
  • KISS News bits
    From: KISSfucco
    Hey- Here is some new KISS info for ya.
    1-Peter Criss has his own Guitar Pick its Green with his signature on one side and the Alive Worldwide Logo on the other(VERY COOL)
    2-Paul now has a white guitar pick with his signature in PURPLE on one side and the Alive Worldwide Logo on the other.
    3-Ace just started playing (during R.N.R.A.N) a new light up Guitar.The lights are round and circle around the body of the guitar.
    4-The Seattle-based Muzak company.Which does instrumental Elevator music have already recorded Hard Luck Woman. Are also getting ready to record Sure Know Somthing,Beth, Everytime I Look At You and A World Without Heroes.
    5-I thought the show in Seattle was the best i had seen Peter Criss play drums the whole tour.Peters drum stool now has a back rest.And Peter looks like he tries to stretch during every break
    6-At tonights Rangers game in Madison Square Garden they played Kiss 3 times over the P.A System
    1-R.N.R all Nite
    2-N.Y Groove
    3-Duece (Lenny Kravitz)
    Well thats it for now

  • (5-4-97) Pyro Manics [Calgary Sun]

  • May 8
  • Bruce Speaks!
    From: Bruce Kulick
    I've been checking on the boards [AOL bbs] and just wanted to comment on a few things. On the issue of Eric and I returning after the reunion tour is over, sadly that is not true as many of you know. I am suprised anyone still thought that the tour the guys are finishing this summer is the last of the band in make-up. I believe they will be in make-up till the year 2000 at least and of course will tour full on again after they complete their studio album later this year.
    As for the fate of COS. As you know I am proud of it, glad to know that you fans even in inferior bootleg quality have embraced it, and I don't feel that it will be released any time soon. Meaning probably not until the band breaks up or quits. This is my belief based on how the music business works and not a personal comment toward the band. My relations with Gene and Paul are very cool actually. I just don't push the issue of releasing COS. I understand the shelving of the music but still am quite upset by it as you all can imagine. It was like staring in a movie that is never released except for horrible version that is blurry and distorted (your bootlegs).
    I am very proud of the work John Corabi and I have been doing and I will keep you all posted regarding the band name, gigs and release date of the music. I think you will all enjoy it.
    take care,

  • May 6
  • Update on the KISS Remaster Schedule
    From: Puppyo
    The U.S. versions of the remasters will be released in small groups. The first set (they are NOT available in 'sets,' that was just a figure of speech) will be released in July (Mercury is not announcing the exact date, but says that it WILL be in July). That'll be: KISS, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed To Kill and Alive! The second set will be released in August: Destroyer, Rock And Roll Over, Love Gun and Alive 2. The third set will be released in September: Double Platinum and the solo albums. Plans for further remaster releases are unclear right now. I have no idea about whether the mini toys will be included.

  • Update on the "Black Diamond" book
    I asked Dale about when this book would hit stores and here is what he told me:

    "Should be in stores this week. It is listed on the computer catalogs for Barnes & Nobles, Borders (in their music section and their book section) and Walden. I also know that B&N had ordered the book to be placed into their stores; and a Canadian chain (whose name escapes me now) had ordered copies for each of their 300 stores. I would suggest that people look to see if they have it first; if not, request a copy through their computer catalog. You should be able to get it within a couple of weeks. Amazon Books on the 'net also has the book, and it can be ordered through their site.
    And, don't forget, that the book can be purchased through the publisher directly as well."

    For more information on this book, check out the Black Diamond web page here at The KISS Asylum.

  • More on Black Diamond
    Just to let you and other Canadians know that Chapters, Coles, & Smith Books all have BLACK DIAMOND on the shelves now.

  • Another place for the Dolls
    From: Thomas Reed
    Right now we are taking pre-orders on the KISS set at $39.99 for the set. They release in June. You can check all the details and images out at

    Please do NOT send credit card information via EMail. Reservations for Check/M.O. orders accepted. Please fax, call, or EMail first for shipping charges and reservations.

    Hanger 18
    6100 E. 21st
    Suite 200
    Wichita, KS 67208

  • May 5
  • KISS Books
    For more information on the new KISS books coming out check my Features page under "KISS Books."

  • New KISS Merchandise
    From: KNN News Wire

  • Beach Towels (June 97)
  • Black Emb. Denim Shirts (July 97)
  • CD ROM Holders (July 97)
  • Coasters (July 97)
  • Dart Boards (July 97)
  • Jigsaw Puzzels (July 97)
  • Leather Baseballs (July 97)
  • Mini Blinds (July 97)
  • Mouse Pads (July 97)
  • Neon Signes (Sept. 97)
  • Pillows (August 97)
  • Pool Ques (July 97)
  • Porcelain Figurines (August 97)
  • Silk Ties (July 97)
  • Silk Boxer Shorts (August 97)
  • Slippers (August 97)
  • Snow Globes (July 97)
  • Wine - Non-alcoholic (June 97)
  • Wrist rests (July 97)

  • May 4
  • KISS Philly Convention (November 23th, 1997)
    From: Gena Simmons
    The info I have is as follows: The 2nd annual Philadelphia KISS Expo Sunday November 23th, 1997 from 11am to 8pm at the Holiday Inn King Of Prussia,PA 260 Mall Blvd.
    Tickets are $13.00 in advance / $15.00 at the door on sale through Ticketmaster 1-215-336-2000 or For out of area tickets send check or momey order for $13.50 To Philadelphia KISS Expo, P.O.Box 39253 235 Dixon Road, Etobicoke, Ontario M9P 2M5 (Payable to Stephen Campbell)
    Special Guest Bruce Kulick & special preformance by DRESS TO KILL ( 1976 Destroyer stage show)
    KISS dealers from US,Canada,& Europe! Look-a-like contest! free door price! SEE rare KISS videos! & Dave " The One Man KISS Band" preforms Dealer Info Call Stephen at (416-242-3580).

  • KISS Action figure stuff
    From: Brian Wheeler
    I don't know if you knew this already. But I was in Musicland earlier and there was a poster on the wall that said you could order all 4 KISS action figures now for $39.99 and get them when they are released this summer.

  • (5-3-97) Rumble in River City: 20 Years later, The Reformed KISS Plants one Right on our Lips [Edmonton Sun]

  • May 3
  • KISS gives back!
    From: B. Smith
    The sale of flood commemorative "KISS Winnipeg, Will Survive" T-shirts at the April 29th and 30th shows raised $23,550.33 for the Red Cross Flood Relief Fund here in Winnipeg.
    It was first thought that KISS would be donating half the proceeds of the $32 shirt, but turns out they donated all of it... now that's class !
    Thanks again KISS !

  • KISS Konfidential Needs Your Help
    From: Kai Roen
    We at Kiss Konfidential will soon launch the Unofficial Eric Singer/ Bruce Kulick website, called 495. It will be available at : and we need your help!

    We want to put all the information we could get about Eric and Bruce on the new website, and if Kiss fans want to contribute stuff we would be very happy. We are intersted in everything, your meeing with Eric and/or Bruce, photos, reports, concert reviews .... anything. Contact us.... Please help us to become the biggest (and best) fanbased Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick website. We got unlimited space on the server... (we are also intersted in your audios of Eric and/or Bruce)

    Contact me at : or Mike at GOD BLESS ERIC AND BRUCE!

  • KISS Atlanta Konvention info
    From: John Jasko
    Called yesterday for my tickets for the Atlanta KISS convention. The convention is next Saturday, May 10th from 10AM to 7PM. Tickets are ten dollars in advance. To order ticket call Phil Elliot at 1-770-753-9630. Special guess will be former KISS manger Bill Auccion. Bill will do a question and answer session. And afterwards will sign autographs. You will line up for Bill's autograph by the number on your ticket, so it would be better to get your tickets in advance.

    (KA Note: For more info on KISS Konventions, make sure to check the Tour Dates page section under KISS Expos and Conventions.)

  • May 2
  • KISS Info Tidbits
    From: Kissfucco
    Here is a tour date you did not post on your site. July 3rd in Geneva Switzerland. And i have the Wicked Lester bootleg cd. The title is The Original Wicked Lester Session. The cd is KS records. The cd contains 9 songs,which are:
    1-What happens in the darkness
    3-Sweet ophelia
    4-When the bell rings
    5-Simple type
    6-Love her all i can
    7-Keep me waiting
    8-(We want to) Shout it out loud
    9-Long long road-this song has never been released The members of this version of Wicked Lester are:
    Gene Simmons-bass n vocals
    Brook Ostrander-piano n horns
    Steve Coronel-guitar
    Paul Stanley-guitars n vocals
    Tony Zarella-drums
    The cd also has pictures of the original hand written lyrics The front cover is the original Wicked Lester album cover photo from KISSTORY. This cd is GREAT and is a must for every die hard KISS fan.

  • KISS Comic! -- KISS Psycho Circus
    From: Figurehed
    There is a new KISS comic book series coming from Image(they publish McFarlane's "Spawn") comics. The first issue is called KISS Psycho Circus. The little blurb about it in the order book says this:
    "For the first time in comics the true psyche of KISS presents itself in a new monthly series. Each member is an embodiment of the four sources that rule the outcome of fate. Human lives are interwoven with each source that decide the destiny of good and evil. Steve Gerber, noted writer of the gothic Man Thing, brings force the essence of KISS in a story that will open a vein of KISS that fans and readers alike have never seen."
    The art looks really well done and the cover price is $1.95.
    If you want to see pictures of it, go to your local comics shop and ask if they have an orderbook called Previews. You can order the action figures from it too.

  • May 1
  • Couple of KISS News bits from Dale Sherman
    From: Dale Sherman, author of KISS biography "Black Diamond"
    Couple of items for the news:
    Startalk Enterprises, the company that put out such video cassettes as KISS: THE INTERVIEW SESSIONS and KISSAHOLIC KILLERS, has put out a new tape called, DETROIT KISS CONVENTION 1994 (Star 034). This is another in their series of "public domain" material of a popular band, which usually winds up being selected interviews of band members from over the years.
    This new tape is mainly made up of home movie footage of Gene and Paul's unexpected appearance at the Detroit KISS Convention back in 1994 where they confiscated most of the KISS museum on display that day. There are also a few other interview clips on the tape as well from the past couple of years, but nothing major.
    Fans may want to check it out, but the quality of all of Startalk's videos are pretty mediocre. I would suggest that fans look to fellow fans first for copies of this material before forking over the $19.99 for this cassette.

    (Note): Want to make a correction on what I posted about the new Startalk Enterprise video, DETROLIT KISS CONVENTION '94 (aka KISSMANIA). Another person e-mailed me to tell me that they had bought the tape and found nothing about the Detroit show on there. I went ahead and actually bought a copy today, hoping that I didn't mess anyone up.
    Turns out, he's right. There is no footage from the Detroit convention on the tape. In fact, nothing from the back of the video box matches what actually appears. Instead we get edited footage from the Mike Douglas 1974 appearance, the 20/20 documentary from 1979 and onward. Nothing of interest here at all, folks; certainly no music (they would have to pay for that type of thing). If nothing else, be warned.

    Found out today that a song which has shown up on several bootlegs CDs and albums called "Give It To You Easy" is neither a lost KISS track nor a found Wicked Lester demo. It is in fact not even done by anyone in KISS, but actually done by a band called Tattoo which was fronted by a member of the Raspberries. Another mystery resolved.

    Speaking of Wicked Lester, a new bootleg CD has come out that contains new Wicked Lester material that no one has heard before. This is actually not the version of WL that every fan knows of (with Ron Leejack, etc.), but an earlier version of the band that included Stephen Coronel as lead guitarist! From what I understand (since I don't have the boot myself), the quality of these recordings is actually better than found on albums containing the unreleased Columbia album that we all know and love. Afraid I don't know the title of the CD, though.

  • KISS in Previews
    Just picked up the newest issue of Previews magazine ( a monthly mag devoted to comics,games,trading cards,and more) and KISS has their hands all over it! First, there are full color, full page ads for the KISS figures and the new trading card set from Cornerstone, as well as an ad for the KISS phone cards. What was interesting here was the info that there will be packages of cards available in July that contain 6 cards per pack featuring new LIVE images and 10 minutes access time to KISS My Access! The most exciting thing was a full page ad featuring the upcoming KISS comic from Todd McFarlane called "KISS: The Psycho Circus!" The cover artwork is pretty impressive-blows KISSNation away! Check this mag out!

  • CK Lendt in store
    You might want to post on the website that CK Lendt will be doing an in store signing copies of his book at the Enfield Connecticut Media Play on Sunday May 18th at 3:00 P.M. For info and directions call 860-253-4777 ask for Irene.

  • Carrie Stevens in Playboy
    From: Karen
    Carrie Stevens, Eric's last girlfriend will be the feature centerfold in the June addition of playboy..she speaks alot about Eric..that's really cool

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