Welcome to KISS Comics Online at The KISS Asylum! Here we are going to give you the very first Online KISS Comic! We will have new frames each month for you to follow along with the story. We all hope you enjoy it! If you have any comments, you can email the artist / author, Bill (t.hollweg@worldnet.att.net). Bill loves feedback!!

Special Thanks to KISS Comics Artist Mike (kittycriss@aol.com | The Niteowls World of KISS Art) for his art contributions on the first 15 frames.

And now off to read your first adventure!....

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KISS Guitar Tabs
The #1 source for KISS Guitar and Bass tabs on the internet! A great resource for those KISS fans that can wield an ax!

KISS Album Focus
Exploring the history of the band through each album release. You'll be able to find out the logic behind the releases, what was going on in the band during the recording of albums, what the band was up to in the period leading up to studio time, and lots more information which should be of interest to the diehard fan!

Sound Off KISS Army
KISS ASYLUM wanted to open the door to other writers out there and give them a place where they can voice their opinions about KISS. We bet there are more than a few of you who have at least one KISS related topic burning in you that you'd love to write a one time piece about. Well, KISS ASYLUM is happy to bring to you a forum in which to do so in our new feature "SOUND OFF!" KISS ARMY.

KISS Thought Vault
The "Summertime Memories" Kiss Thought Vault finds Ron Albanese waxing nostalgic over summers past, by way of release dates and pinball. A certain starry-eyed little girl also secures her place in Vault history. Also mentioned: The Harlem Globetrotters.

KISS Video Spotlight
What I have in store for you is a real treat. What you are about to read is an interview I recently completed with WNEW DJ (and fellow NJ resident) Ed Trunk.

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