An Interview with Gordon G.G. Gebert, July of 1999.
By Vladimir Ilyin

Vladimir Ilyin: Hello Gordon, let me thank you a lot for this interview. Have you ever given an interview for Russia?

Gordon Gebert: No I haven't. This is my first time. I am honored and I thank you for this opportunity.

VI: What do you know about Russia today? Do you know any Russian words?

GG: I came close to visiting Russia when I appeared at the Helsinki, Finland KISS Convention in May of '98. I try to be as knowledgeable as I can about other countries in the world. I love to travel. I watch on cable television The Travel Channel here in the United States. My friend/manager traveled to Georgia and spent a lot of time there. He told me great stories. "na zdorovie"

VI: Have you ever met any Russians? Do you have any Russian friends?

GG: Yes I do have Russian friends. One friend (a great keyboardist/guitarist named Alex Salzman) came to the United States with a now famous Russian Comedian/Actor, Yackoff Schmirnoff (I might've spelled his name wrong - sorry). I also know a few gorgeous Russian women. I'm ready to visit your country!

VI: Kiss cancelled their tour to Russia this past April. Officially it was because of the war in Yugoslavia and anti-American sentiment in Moscow. Many Russians spent a lot of money to come to Moscow to see KISS, but they (fans) weren't told until 1 day before KISS' scheduled arrival in Russia that the show was off. Do you think they did right by the fans who were waiting to see KISS all that time?

GG: It's terrible when a band has to make a last minute cancellation decision. I'm sure they don't mean to cause so much trouble for their fans. I do not know of any inside information on KISS' real reasons for their cancellation in Russia. I would hope they are concerned with their fans and do care.

VI: Can you please tell a little about yourself.

GG: I was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. A good size city just north of New York City. I can be in Manhattan in twenty minutes by car (with no traffic) or by train. I've lived here all my life but I've traveled all over the world. I have even been to the North Pole. My mother's side is all Irish and my Mom was born on St. Patty's day. My father's side is all German. My parents and grandparents were all born in the United States.

VI: How old are you? Some think you are too young to be Ace's friend.

GG: Thank you for the HUGE COMPLIMENT. While doing the KISS Convention Tour a lot of people asked me that. I just turned 40 years old last January 13th. Ace is 8 years older than me.

VI: Do you have a wife or children?

GG: I've never been married (came close). Children? (laughing) None that I know of. I might have somewhere. Seriously, I would love to have a family. I have to meet the right girl. I'm very picky. Whenever I came back from a tour my mother would ask me "How many Grandchildren do I have now?"

VI: What does the G.G. in your name mean?

GG: Gerald Giles - My full real name is Gordon Gerald Giles Gebert.

VI: Are you musician? Do you have a band or solo-album?

GG: Yes. I play keyboards. I worked on Ace's solo albums among many other artists' music. I have just been offered the job to play with the band "Angel" in September. They use to be on Casablanca Records along with KISS and Donna Summers. They are doing a Re-union tour and I am filling in for Greg Giuffria. I have a new CD just recently released. The "STILL WICKED CD" entitled "Something Wicked This Way Comes." It's available on AMAZON.COM

VI: How did you come up with the idea to write the KISS & Tell books?

GG: It was a long process. Basically, the idea came when Ace made our problems public and he made very false accusations against me. When you have a disagreement with someone and they are very close to you sometimes people will do anything they can to hurt you. It's unfortunate I had to defend myself by writing the book. I don't regret it. And it surprised me when KISS & Tell and KISS & Tell MORE got so popular. I try to keep things funny.

VI: The books are very interesting. Some fans I asked about your books think all you wrote is untrue or just rumors.

GG: Some fans can't handle the truth about their idols. I feel bad for them. Someone said I am like the guy who tells children their is no Santa Claus. But that is ridiculous. Hopefully fans can accept my book as adults.

VI: What was the best and the worst reaction to your books you heard?

GG: A very good question. There have been and continue to be strong reactions to the books. The worst of course are the death threats, which comes with the territory. It's so sad and pathetic when people's lives are so miserable they have to take it out on other people instead of concentrating on making things better for themselves. The best reaction? I LOVE when people quote stories out of the book saying it was their favorite part. And the BIGGEST compliment I hear all the time is when people say they couldn't put the book down. They had to read it all. My head swells when I hear that. THANK YOU everyone.

VI: Ace was always the one by your side. Who from KISS can be your potential friend if not Ace?

GG: I would've loved to have been closer to Eric Carr. We were friends, but not like Ace and I were. Eric and I were growing closer as friends when he unfortunately died. He was the nicest guy out of all of KISS. Eric Singer and I hung out in Europe last year. He was cool with me. I see Bruce Kulick occasionally. The only original member of KISS I would hang out with NOW is Gene. Fans only see one side of him. In private he's a different person.

VI: Are you friend of Ace now? When did you speak with him last?

GG: We are definitely not friends anymore. It's very unfortunate to lose a TRUE friend (and I'm speaking of me to Ace). The last time I spoke to him was in Bankruptcy Court. Oh - and I called into a radio station when Ace was being interviewed.

VI: I heard Ace told a radio station about the farewall tour of KISS later this year. Also he said he never was satisfied with working on the studio album (Psycho Circus) and that he planned to leave the band for another solo album of Ace Frehley. What you think about that?

GG: That interview was on a big radio station (WNEW 102.7) here in New York. I heard most of the interview and I actually called in to confront Ace because he called me a liar during the interview. I was able to "read between the lines" on what he was saying on the radio show. (I hope you can understand my slang English - I apologize if you don't - "Read between the lines" means to understand hidden meanings behind what is actually said). Ace basically is not happy with his pay. My opinion too is he is stil lazy and wants to make a lot of money without making a big effort. When I called into the radio station he finally realized it was really me and they cut me off. Off the air Ace said, "Fuck you!" to me. (laughs)

VI: When Peter Criss deceided to write a book about KISS he says somebody from KISS called him and asked not print this and that. Did you get a calls from Ace or anybody from Kiss asking you about the same?

GG: Actually I think Peter used that as an excuse because he could not finish the book. Nobody tried to stop me from writing my books or the release of the CD-ROMs. You can't fight the truth.

VI: When the books were printed, do you feel you made the bombs, especially for Ace?

GG: I'm trying to understand what you are asking. I did not write KISS & Tell to "drop a bomb" on Ace. My main reasons was to defend myself from Ace's accusations and also make the money back that Ace owed me.

VI: What the reaction was from KISS members on your books?

GG: I heard Paul Stanley said it was interesting to read and Bill Aucoin told it was your vision. Actually Gene said that the book was interesting and Paul briefly said it was. Gene actually likes the book. Paul denies he even knows Bob McAdams which is a ridiculous statement to make. I haven't heard much from Peter. And Ace keeps saying ridiculous statements to cover his ass (laughs). It's hard for them to comment on a book that is so brutally honest and a real story of Ace and KISS.

VI: Do you have some stories which you are afraid to print?

GG: Another excellent question. There were stories that we decided not to print and not for the reason of being afraid. There was no fear factor in telling the truth. But there were stories that we decided not to go ahead and tell because it hurt too many innocent people. EVERYONE in the KISS inner circle knows Bob and I used discretion and we were kind to all those involved in the book, including Ace even though it seems like we weren't to KISS fans.

VI: Do you know why Peter divorced Lydia and who left who?

GG: I do know but that is private stuff between Lydia and Peter. See - I don't KISS & Tell everything (laughing). Lydia Criss now writing a book about Peter and KISS. I think she can tell a lot about black side of Peter. Lydia has been writing that book for years. I will be shocked if it ever gets finished. Lydia still cares for Peter and in no way has any animosity towards him. I don't think she will tell that much bad stuff unless when she read my book she went back to re-write hers (laughing again).

VI: Let me ask about the KISS & Tell CD-Rom. What's new inside it?

GG: The KISS & Tell CD-ROM has all the pictures from both KISS & Tell Books in full color, uncropped and narrated by me. ALSO, there is shocking video of Ace on there (It's a surprise!).

VI: Many fans ask about the Still Wicked CD. What is it? Is it a one time action or a long time project to be continued?

GG: The STILL WICKED CD is a one-time project that I put together with Ron Leejack and my friend Michael Sciotto. I play keyboards on it and co-produced it. There are six songs on the CD.

The first song is a new recorded version of SHE. Ron Leejack plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals on it. It came out really cool.

The second song called BODIES TALKING was written by my friend Kerre Scott. It's like a cool 80's type of song with MaryAnn Scandiffio (former BlackLace lead singer) singing lead vocals on it. I love the lead guitar work by Nick Moroch. I'm so impressed by it every time I hear it.

The third song Ron Leejack wrote. It's called CAJUN RAIN. It creates a feeling that is very influenced by backwoods America.

The fourth song is called D.O.A. This was originally done by a band called Bloodrock from the early 70's. Mike Sciotto says it's the creepiest song he's ever worked on. It's about a guy dying in a plane crash.

The fifth song - SAM - all I can say is YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT. Some people think I dedicated this song to Ace. Not true. I dedicated it to everyone (including myself) at some point in there lives.

The last song, ROCKER ROOM THEME, is a cut both Ace and I worked on for a television show I did in New York. Ace plays rhythm and lead guitar on the forty five second cut. A very rare recording for KISS fans to have in their collection. The STILL WICKED CD is available on AMAZON.COM or you can get it from:

Pitbull Publishing
P.O. Box 350
Fleetwood NY 10552-0350

VI: Are friends with Ron Lee Jack? Do you know what Ron's doing now?

GG: I've known Ron for a long time. He lives in New Jersey and he's still doing studio work.

VI: Does the title "Still Wicked" mean like all members of KISS are wicked?

GG: Not true. I actually came up with the name of the "band" for Ron Leejack because his guitar playing is "still wicked" and it ties in with the Wicked Lester name. Actually it's not a band - I should've titled the CD "THE STILL WICKED PROJECT" but there are so many "Projects" out there I tried to avoid that word. The title of the CD is "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

VI: I know you ran Ace's Rock Soldiers fan-club. I sent out money to join the club and never received a responce. But later I found G4 Productions merchandise lists which were very professional. Why didn't you tell the fans your opinion on all of this then?

GG: When the KISS & Tell Book came out I sent notifications to all the past Rock Soldiers members about the book. I let them know that the book explained what happened to Rock Soldiers. A lot of them did not want to hear what I had to say based on a letter that Ace wrote to the fans. It's all in the past now and I am happy I got to say what I wanted to in KISS & Tell and say it in an entertaining way. The success of the books makes things a little better.

VI: The idea with the Rock Soldiers fan-club was great. Why wasn't it ever big like KISS Army?

GG: It could've been. When you see the KISS & Tell CD-ROM you'll understand what happened right from Ace's words.

VI: What's biggest difference between Ace and Peter and what's the most common between them?

GG: The difference between Ace and Peter.... Peter did harder drugs. What they did in common? Drugs. Peter had totally different tastes in music than Ace, Gene and Paul. Ace liked mainstream rock and his influences showed.

VI: What are you doing now?

GG: Doing an interview with the RUSSIAN KISS FANS!!! (laughs)

VI: Do you have any plans about upcoming projects. Do you plan a third KISS & Tell book?

GG: Actually I'm finishing another book called ROCK & ROLL WAR STORIES. There are going to be photos of women from all around the world included in the book. If any female readers want to be included in the next book they can submit photos of themselves in some kind of military theme to:

Attn: Gordon G. G. Gebert
c/o Pitbull Publishing
P.O. Box 350
Fleetwood NY 10552-0350

So far there are Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, American, and Korean women. No Russian women but hopefully there will be now. I will be playing with the band "Angel" in September. I'm also recording a new CD with my brother. Very new age. Great material that could be used for soundtrack for movies. I'm extremely busy. The only thing that will be KISS related is more possible CD-ROMS releasing video clips of Ace that will shock ALL KISS fans.

VI: I would like to thank you a lot for this interview. We hope to see you in Russia someday. Thanks for 2 great books. Please don't stop!

GG: Thank you so much for the opportunity. I sincerely hope to see your country. If you ever come to New York let me know.

VI: If you have some words to say to Russian readers of KISS & Tell books, please do it.

GG: Thank you so much for reading my books and letting me express myself. Don't let it change your opinion of the band KISS. Their music is fun, their show is great and KEEP ENJOYING IT!!! VI: PS, special greetings from Russian girls. They said to tell you never cut your hair!

GG: And I was just about to cut it. Now you are hitting my softspot. I hear so much good things about Russian girls. I want to visit!!! THANK YOU and take care. Gordon G. G. Gebert

P.S. Anybody can write to Gordon at or in care of Pitbull Publishing.

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