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Page updated on September 30, 2005
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R&R Hall Of Fame
From: ArriveNet

Fans of rock icons KISS plan to rally at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to protest the repeated omission of KISS on induction ballots.

In response to the announcement of the finalists for this year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions, fans of rock group KISS have issued a warning to the Hall: "We're sending in our forces."

Known as the KISS Army, fans of the make-up wearing, blood-spitting icons say they are tired of the lack of respect given to the 70s icons who are still playing to packed stadiums 30 years after their creation.


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God he's
Simmons finally admits 'I'M DELUSIONAL'

Well the first step to any kind of problem is to admit you have the problem! I found this on Contact

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS loves his appearance and the sound of his voice so much - he admits he must be delusional.

The lothario can't wait for his new reality show GENE SIMMONS' ROCK SCHOOL to air in the UK on Friday (30SEP05) just so he can check himself out on the small screen.


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Why Not A Rock Star?
From: The Oregonain

The Oregonian's Opinion page printed this letter to the editor about TOMMY THAYER's recent appointment to the Pacific University Board of Trustees:

As a Pacific alumna (2003) and mother of a devoted KISS Army Soldier (KISS fan), I think TOMMY THAYER's appointment to the university's board of trustees is a wonderful thing. In addition to the reasons for the appointment that the other board members cited, there is also the unique perspective that Thayer's career and life experience will bring to Pacific's vision. Some may think that this sends the message that young people don't need higher education, but it also sends the message that you can achieve your dreams and goals with hard work. Why not a rock star?

Sharon Spence

Gene Making Second Season of Reality Series
From: World Entertainment News Network

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS has committed to a second series of his reality show GENE SIMMONS' Rock School, because he'll "do anything for money."

The flamboyant frontman attempts to turn pupils at English private school Christ's Hospital into little rock gods on the show. He will be returning to the school in Horsham, south east England soon to shoot a second series.

Simmons explains, "I like money and, naturally, would do anything for money, within the confines of the law, so I am returning to Christ's Hospital to start series 2.

"I would prefer it if it were a Catholic girls' school, of course."

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QUESTION: I love your guitar playing, what was the toughest KISS song for you to master on guitar? - Anthony Dimarco, Mount Vernon, NY

ANSWER: Most KISS songs come fairly easy because believe it or not I've been playing them in one form or another for almost thirty years since I began playing guitar. The KISS song that stands out today as the most challenging to play is "God Gave Rock & Roll To You II," hands down. The arrangement and chord changes are more complex than any other song we play and the other guys would probably agree with that.

QUESTION: What KISS song has this lineup never played that if it were up to you, you would add? - Shannon Kirby, Athens, GA


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From Russia With Love

At the Moscow Russia Hard Rock Cafe, a black PAUL STANLEY Washburn PS-2000 guitar signed by Paul is prominately displayed. This is the same model used by Paul on The KISS Farewell tour.

The guitar is beautifully framed and decorated with framed KISS photos on the wall as well.

KISS is alive and well in Russia!

Metal Vets Unite For New Band
From: The Stomp Box

This story is taken from a new (hard copy) British heavy metal magazine called THE STOMP BOX . The debut issue hits stands in about three weeks. Here it is:

Has the trumpet of Gabriel finally ushered in a new era of Rockdom? It was at the hallowed halls of Hollywood's Rainbow Bar and Grill where a possibly new Renaissance of Rock and Roll was begotten. That is where, on a sultry summer night two years ago, original Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth ran into another notorious Hollywood luminary Tommy Lee. The two rockers hoisted a few spirits, swapped rock and roll war stories, and before long, Roth found himself hijacked and taken back to Tommy Lee's home to listen to tracks Tommy was planning on using for a solo album. What began as a few suggestions from Roth culminated in a full blown collaboration with the two former hair head rockers whipping up a batch of ten original tunes in two weeks.

Confilicting schedules and personal issues precluded Roth and Lee from consummating with an album and tour at the time, but The Stomp Box caught up with David Lee at a cafe in Manhattan's Lower West Side, just two blocks from one of New York's most prominent rehearsal studios where Dave has been hashing out the Roth/Lee compositions with former KISS lead guitarist VINNIE VINCENT and ex-Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley. Ray Luzier, who has toured with Roth since the nineties, was handling drum duties.The hyperactive huckster of rock was in high spirits and, to our surprise, somewhat comprehensible as he gave The Stomp Box the skinny on his new project.


Is an all-new KISS on the horizon?
From: New York Times/

The New York Times, in an article titled "This Band Was Your Band" concluded the article with the following:

Doc McGhee, who represents the rockers KISS, has another twist on the idea altogether: he has been toying with the idea of recruiting an entire band to replace the original KISS and don the band's famous makeup.

"KISS is more like Doritos or Pepsi, as far as a brand name is concerned," he said. "They're more characters than the individual person. I think they have a legitimate chance to carry the franchise."
KISS singer-bassist GENE SIMMONS doesn't necessarily disagree with that idea. He told that the concept of original members isn't widely held by fans, and it isn't really accurate anyway. "There's no question that there's a core of fans - five or ten percent, my sense is - who believe in original members," he said. "And yet, when you look at original members, THE BEATLES are not original members - Ringo is not an original member; the STONES - barely. You know, they've had so many members come and go, but it's the STONES; and AC/DC's aren't original members; and VAN HALEN; and go down the list of every - almost every band you can think of."

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Poll

Vote for KISS in a poll for Which Artist Deserves Most To Be Elected Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:

New GENE SIMMONS Book: Ladies Of The Night...

Due for publication on November 30th, "Ladies of the Night: A Historical And Personal Perspective of the First And Oldest Profession" by GENE SIMMONS... You can pre-order the book from Amazon (Ladies Of The Night).

Also, the paperback version of "Sex Money KISS" is due from Phoenix Books in December 2005. You can also pre-order that from Amazon (Sex Money KISS).

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GENE SIMMONS' Rock School: The End

This marks the sixth and final episode of Rock School and this means that The Class will have to take their final exam: opening for rock gods Motorhead. Can they survive five thousand brutal hard rock fans? GENE SIMMONS has made it clear that if things go wrong, he will not step in.

Of course, this is a reality show, so all the tension from previous weeks builds up and comes to an explosive end on the final episode. The Emperor (the frontman) has always been the odd man out in this little group of friends. He's already struggling enough being looked down upon for being a thirteen year-old, but he's not even accepted by his fellow pre-teens.

The Class record their first single in a professional studio. The Emperor is still working on his vocals and is told to ad-lib a bit before he actually starts singing (stuff along the lines of "You might think I'm just a little boy... but I'm not! I'm a rockaaaah!"). He is told to not only do this for the record but to also do it at the gig. The rest of the band members are a little peeved that he's suddenly changing things up at the last minute. Rods, the band manager, is extra annoyed. The tension from this event, on top of Rods losing his chance to be the lead singer to The Emperor (who couldn't even carry a tune), resulted in a spat in the lunchroom (which reminds me of the Great Hall from the Harry Potter films). The Emperor, with tears streaming down his face, seeks Simmons' advice. Mr. Simmons suggests that he confront his bandmates, so The Emperor does. The confrontation doesn't turn out quite the way he would've liked (he called Rods a bad manager, Rods called The Emperor a bad singer, etc.) but it's all sorted out when Simmons comes in. He points out all the rock star posters he put up around the classroom and explains that several of these musicians couldn't stand their bandmates. They argued and bickered all the time, but when they got onstage, they were a band and delivered all that they could. So the thing is, their personalities are bound to clash but they've got to focus on the music and the performance.


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KISS Belt Buckle
From: Maxim Magazine

The classic KISS belt buckle never goes out of style. Featured in the pages of Maxim Magazine's October Issue, this KISS brass belt buckle and aged leather strap makes a statement of its own.

Girls of KISS Julie Robbins Dies
From: Mike Brandvold

Sad news to tell regarding adult film star Julie Robbins, who was tragically killed Thursday September 22, 2005, as her car ran off the road and smashed into a power pole earlier in the day. The accident trapped her in her burning 2005 Ford sport utility vehicle. Brandy Koonts, (A.K.A. Julie Robbins) who was airlifted to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center after the wreck, was pronounced dead at 10:55 p.m. Thursday.

Julie was the star of countless films, most recently seen in Blonde Factory (SIN CITY), as well as Bounced Check Bitches, Public Enemy #1, and the Victoria Givens world record video. Julie had been nominated as Feature Performer Newcomer Of The Year by Exotic Dancer Magazine this year, and was thrilled for the recognition. Recently she had been the feature dancer at Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami, Florida, where she had performed several times over the past year. She had called me from there, telling me how much she loved the energy there, and that she couldn't wait to come back to Las Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday to do some more shooting for her website, and work on some video with me. More than that, she was truly a genuine down to earth person, who loved to express herself in the industry, and as a friend.

Julie, a Girl of KISS for August 2003, had celebrated her 26th birthday on September 17. Julie had made appearances at a couple KISS Expos over the last few years. Julie's official website,, will be remaining online as a tribute to her.

Gene Updates

Miss PAULA ABDUL and I pitched a TELEVISION PRODUCTION COMPANY two shows Paula and I created and will Exec Produce. Looks good. We'll see.

Just got back from co-hosting EXTRA (NBC TV) with DONALD TRUMP and MARK MCGRATH. While there, I heard a very good idea for a new show. We may wind up doing it.And, just finished a meeting with a STUDIO ANIMATION HOUSE, who liked what I had to say and are going to be developing TWO NEW CARTOON SHOWS I will be Exec Producing...titles and details to follow soon.

Met with an Exec for a TELEVISION NETWORK nationwide, who pitched me on an idea. I pitched back with two ideas...and if things go well, we'll be doing three projects together. And then segued into a CREDIT CARD meeting, with a gent who reps a company/bank that's in that business. This venture potentially could encompass a number of the business we're in. More to come.


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Hurricane Benefits
From: &

Both ERIC SINGER and myself have been getting so many nice notes like the one below about our benefit and just helping out with the Red Cross. It really is thoughtful for these people to go out of their way and thank us when they have so much to worry about. KISS fans really are nice people! I am so excited about the response I've been getting from people wanting to help with the benefits. James Kendal from Southwest Airlines called me back and donated airfare for the band!! Enterprise Car Rental has just come through with a van! it just keeps coming!! At this rate all expenses will be covered by donations!! That means every dollar from every ticket sold will go directly to the Red Cross Hurricane relief fund! We need your help - please spread the word and let everyone know about the events!! Tickets are now on sale and all details are at


I would like to thank all the members of KISS for what they are doing for the Hurricane victims. I live in Jefferson Parish and it means a lot to me and my family to see the KISS Army standing with us . This has been the hardest time of my life this past week but it is getting better with all the help that KISS and the fans are giving. It is true KISS has the greatest fans in the world.

Thanks Again for all your help and prayers

Colleen S.

UNION For Children 2005

Bruce and UNION (line-up including John Corabi, Chuck Garric, and Fred Coury) will be appearing at a very special charity event during their upcoming European Tour. On November 25, 2005, UNION, along with other guests Crystal Dusk and Hartmann, will play a concert in Babenhausen (near Frankfurt) to benefit the Kinderkrebshilfe Darmstadt e.V., an organization dedicated to caring for kids with cancer. Tickets are available online and at select stores. For more information about the charity event and to order tickets, please visit

UNION will give 8 children / teenagers, which had/have this terrible disease a chance to meet them on the day of the show in Babenhausen. This will take place in a private atmosphere.

We decided to provide this possibility to 4 German and 4 American children/teenagers.

Please send your applications to

KISS Alive! & Well - 30 Years of Glory

AKA The album that saved our Asses

The flash pots, flames and grease paint are hitting the stage... The year was 1975, September 10 to be exact. Much was happening around this time, Vietnam was coming to a bloody halt: Nixon exclaimed, "I'm not a crook". While all this was going on the counter-culture was in an uproar trying desperately to enforce social and political justice. Lets not forget those lovable flower children that wanted everyone to join them for some peace and love and a good toak at a Dead show.

Meanwhile something totally different was going on in New York City: Four guys were about to change the way people thought about music forever! KISS Alive was the rock n' roll shoot heard round the world. I guess you could call it a wake up call to those musicians who were on stage jamming their brains out while really in need of a shower and a lesson in stage presence. KISS may not be the greatest thing to happen to music but in this humble authors opinion they are the greatest American rock act to grace a concert stage. KISS is the unapologetic in your face tribute to American rock music of the 1950's. KISS is the only band that had the balls to say lets put out a live double slab LP with all our greatest hits! There was one huge problem: they had none! Radio hated them with a passion, gee I guess KISS knew something nobody else did: and that was, who needs radio? We're going to do it the old fashion way and play our music live for the masses and let the people decide. The result was an overwhelming vote of OH YEAH!!! KISS was brought to their explosive success by the fans who just forced radio to play KISS tunes. Fans know this day well, the day a kid from Terre Haute Indiana named Bill Starkey called up WVTS and said, you better play KISS or I will have thousands of people surrounding your building! The KISS ARMY was started in 1975 just as ALIVE was about to explode on American culture- Bill and his Army of friends were also responsible for the first mass produced KISS shirts. So, I guess this proves who the real marketing geniuses are... The fans!


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ACE FREHLEY Limousine Auction
From: Shawn Settles

ACE FREHLEY's personal limousine is up for auction on ebay this week. This 1985 model ferried the Spaceman around the New York City area to his many concerts, interviews and photo shoots. And he has even signed the dashboard!

View the auction here.

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Message from Bruce

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in a new message, but so much traveling with Grand Funk in June, July and August did not give me alot of time to update my website.

I have some great photos of GFR from Orlando earlier this year, cool pix from Reno, a Moondance Festival in Minn, and some of us recently in Lancaster, CA. You can check all of them out in my PhotoAlbum. We have done shows with the Doobie Bros, Kansas, Nightranger, REO, Loverboy, Cheap Trick, Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer and everyone is out there rocking hard as far as I can tell. Fans of classic rock really have a treat when you get to see these bands. Our shows have been great and our crowds very responsive. We sadly lost two shows from Katrina, and of course wish our friends and fans well in getting their lives back on track after such a terrible disaster.

So to recap my summer, had a great birthday celebration for my Mom around July 4th, as my Mom turned well.. lets keep her at 80 forever now! She loves this same cake and I aim to please, so she gets the same one everytime. Very glad to have both my parents close to me. Took my Dad to get new hearing aids recently. Spooky to know, with all my loud guitar playing, I wonder what they will be selling for me when I am in need of amplification! Anyway his new DIGITAL pair rocks and he is a different person. So if you have parents with hearing issues.. don't delay. Get them hearing good again and their quality of life will improve.


KISS Songs in Commercials

Just want to report that over the last two weeks, there have been two commercials airing in Canada which feature KISS songs!

The first is a Mars bar commercial which features Shout It Out Loud and the other is a Canadian Wireless company, Telus which features I Was Made For Loving You.

KISS is still alive and kicking in Canada!

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Universal Ad

Hey Gene!

I just thought you might wanna see this!I recently saw it on for all the music and great words of wisdom (especially in SEX MONEY KISS)!

Your fan from Bulgaria,
Alex Kolev

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Just got this from Gerard Marti. It's yet another painting from Paul. It's called The Scream.

Ace at Hard Rock Opening

Saturday night the all new Hard Rock opened in Times Square with a HUGE private event/party. An amazing scene with complete with a red carpet! The new HRC is amazing, they did an awesome job and in addition to a great restaurant/bar, it is now a legit concert venue (it's the site of the old WWE and World). Velvet Revolver played live and it was my first time seeing them. Real impressive and great to see Duff and Slash rocking together again. If you see VR it really blows you away that Axl thinks G&R is better without these two guys (if there even is a G&R these days). Besides being a great player, Slash is just an amazing rock presence on stage. The highlights were the G&R and STP stuff they played, as well as songs from the VR debut. I don't love the bands debut album, but they were killer live and I hope they stick around for a while and really develop even more. Some of the other people hanging out that I spoke with included Les Paul, Steven Van Zant, Jim Florentine, Roger Glover, many members of the NY Mets (including of course Mike Piazza!) and Atlanta Braves and ACE FREHLEY. I've spoke to Ace often but have not seen him in a while. He looks great and has been totally clean and sober now for a couple years. I am so proud of him. Even in an environment where it was a massive party with food and drink everywhere, Ace was totally straight. Who knows, maybe some new music or shows are down the line, but I'm most happy that he is healthy! Congrats to Johnny HardRock and the entire HRC staff. GREAT party and best of luck in the new spot. Can't wait to do an event there.

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Three Drummers

Here are the pic of me with Bun E Carlos and ERIC SINGER at the Greek Theatre LA. Tonight was the last day of Alice Cooper w/Cheap Trick tour.

Eric & Bun E did great job tonight!!! Awesome shows!!

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Angelo Story

Got this great note from Angelo & his dad!!

Hi Keith!

This is Joe Coppola (Angelo's dad). We wanted to tell you what a great time the Coppola family had at the Expo! It was truly fantastic what you did to help the victims of the hurricane and the KISS fans of the world are really some of the most friendly and generous people we've ever met. I would like to send you a DVD of Angelo's performance at the Expo if you could send me an address. Also you HAVE to check out the updates we did to his website. There is a picture of Angelo & Eric and a little article about the event at the top of his Homepage and we created a whole seperate page just for the Expo! There are some really cool pics on this page and we even put a video on there from his performance!


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KISS Tribute CD is Top 15
From: KISS Army Norway

KISS Army Norway and VME are proud to annonce that "Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To KISS" debuted at #13 on the Norwegian charts. In comperison, Alive III peaked at #15, and as odd as it might seems albums like Creatures Of The Night, Smashes Thrashes and Hits, Animalize and Carnival Of Souls never made such a great chart position as this tribute CD. In April last year GENE SIMMONS' "Asshole" debuted and peaked at #23 on the Norwegian charts.

KISS Army have once again brought a lots of attention to KISS in Norway. The tribute album got maximum exposure in the media making entertainment headlines on Natinal television, radio and newspapers.


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ERIC SINGER & Friends Hurricane Katrina Benefits
From: &

I am proud to announce that we will be having 2 benefit shows in Indianapolis, Indiana featuring KISS drummer ERIC SINGER. Singer, currently on tour with Alice Cooper, will be joined by fellow Cooper band mates Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson, and Chuck Garric at both shows. I had spoken with Eric right after the hurricane and Eric, Ryan, Damon and Chuck immediately agreed to play the benefit shows for free! 100% of all ticket sales will go directly to the Red Cross' Hurricane Katrina relief fund.

The band will be performing 70's classics including covers of KISS, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex, Cheap Trick and others at both shows!!


KISS Slot Machine
From: Las Vegas Review Journal

Pamela Anderson has one. Ed McMahon does, too. So it was only a matter of time before rock icon KISS got theirs.

Call it their Sin City comeuppance: a video slot machine featuring the band's hit song "Rock and Roll All Nite" and the members' famous mugs in full makeup. The game was unveiled by Progressive Gaming International Corporation Tuesday at the Global Gaming Expo with founding members PAUL STANLEY and GENE SIMMONS on hand.


Possible upcoming DVD releases???
From: BW&BK

BW&BK has learned from a KISS insider that several of the band's early performances will be issued soon on DVD.

Due for release on DVD is KISS' first Winterland show (recorded pre-January 31st, 1975) which will feature audio commentary from the four original band members(GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY, ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS).


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Honda Fest Recap

Our show in Columbus Saturday night went off without a hitch, we had a great time and after a year lay-off it felt awesome to get back onstage and do a kick-ass show. The 12,000-plus crowd was fantastic and lured us back onstage for a four-song encore of "Cold Gin," "God of Thunder," God Gave Rock & Roll To You II," and "Rock & Roll All Nite." We all spent time after show at the hotel hanging with a contingency of fans that came from all points of the globe (including Japan) with hopes of attending this special private-ticket concert.

My good buddy, PGA Championship winning golfer Shaun Micheel hung out with us for the weekend in Columbus. The deal is that I give him guitar lessons and he teaches me to be a better golfer. Here's Shaun and I backstage before we went on Saturday night.

Gene Update

And, on my way to New York with my partner to present a New Venture to 1,000 Investment types.

Also, happy to report that 'GROUPIES,' a project/story I developed first for New Line Cinema (that came back in turnaround), then set up at MTV for a Movie Of The Week, has just come back to me. It is being eyed for a motion picture. We will go out and pitch this in the coming weeks.


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Paul and Gene in Las Vegas

GENE SIMMONS and PAUL STANLEY made an apperance in Las Vegas on Sept 13th They where in Vegas to promote the new KISS slot machines.

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Rockin' The Corp DVD available

The Rockin The Corps DVD is now available. It features KISS performing 3 tracks, "Detroit Rock City," "Love Gun" and "Rock And Roll All Nite"

ERIC SINGER on Craig Ferguson

Alice Cooper will appear Thursday Sept. 15th on "The Late Show with Craig Ferguson" with ERIC SINGER on drums

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PAUL STANLEY and his girlfriend Erin Sutton attended the Porta Bella grand opening in Los Angeles on September 2.

GENE SIMMONS to Serve as Co-Managing Director of New Boxing Venture
From: Associated Press

Los Angeles-based BBKO Ltd. has officially announced the active participation of rock legend and "the Demon of KISS" GENE SIMMONS as co-managing director of the company. BBKO is a 21st-century boxing venture based in Los Angeles that seeks to broaden the sport beyond its traditional ring by infusing it with equally hard-hitting entertainment. The company was originally co-founded, and its business plan developed, by Simmons prior to its July 2005 acquisition by Orbit Brands Corporation (Nasdaq: OBTV).

KISS has broken box office records set by Elvis and The Beatles and continues to be the juggernaut of licensing/merchandising, with over 2,500 licenses. Among the marketing and merchandising accomplishments of the band:


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Get A Life Inc at Honda Fest
From: Get A Life Inc.

Just back in Indy from last night's KISS show in Columbus. Like usual, not sure if I had more fun seeing KISS or reuniting with the "Get A Life Inc" family! The show was part of the Honda Family Fest for Honda employees and took place at the Nationwide Arena. Got to the the hotel around 7 and called Russ who was already backstage at the venue. Russ told me to go over to the arena before 8, that was when they were letting the crowd in. There were no assigned seats so first come, first serve and we were hoping to beat the crowd in and get good seats. My wife, Michelle and our 2 youngest children, Alyssa and Joshua headed across the street to the Arena. The vibe outside was crazy - I was not sure what to expect since you could not buy tickets, sure KISS fans would find a way in - they always do, but the majority of the audience was probably seeing KISS for the first time and they seemed to be ready for the experience! There were thousands there waiting for the doors to open so we headed for another entrance and luckily enough they let us in with our passes. There was no one in the venue itself but workers and security and we decided we were going to get our seats rather than head back stage.

Just as we walked down the stairs to the floor, my second family entered from back stage - Get A Life, Inc was in the building! Mike Brandvold, Mike Naimoli, Warren Lapine, Al Soluri & Toni Ann, Kevin Gladden and back from the dead and about 100 lbs lighter, the baby of the family - Russ Dannecker (insert your own applause for Russ here)!!! Also some other good friends of ours were present, Ken, our friends from, Huggy Bear, Kristin, Hiro and the girls from Japan (I don't want to misspell their names! They're always so nice - thank you so much for the gifts!!). They all scouted out their seats - front row center and as tempting as it was, I decided to take the front row of the first section on Paul's side, so the little ones would be just a little off the floor. The kids (Russ included) decided they wanted a snack while we were waiting and Josh and I headed to the vendors upstairs. Just as we got to the counter, they let the crowd in. I grabbed Josh and basically hugged the counter as a mad rush of 10,000 pushed their way into the arena. I noticed the young girl behind the counter actually seemed quite scared. I asked if this happened for the previous events that day and she said no that was a much calmer entrance then this, she continued that those crowds walked in slowly but then again this is KISS!! When we got back to our seats my wife told me it was quite a scene inside too as the people rushed to get seats.


Norway Expo Photos

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Honda Fest Set List

Detroit Rock City
Makin Love
Lick It Up
Christine 16
Got To Choose
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
Let Me Go Rock N Roll
100,000 Years
I Was Made 4 Loving You
Shout it Out Loud

Cold Gin
God of Thunder
God Gave Rock N Roll 2 You
Rock N Roll All Nite

17 Songs Total

KISS Legends To Roll Out Rock And Roll All Nite! Game At Global Gaming Expo
From: Rock Hard

According to Business Wire, Progressive Gaming International Corporation, a leading provider of diversified content and technology products and services used in the gaming industry worldwide, is expected to unveil the largest and most diverse offering of new gaming products since its inception at this year's Global Gaming Expo being held in Las Vegas, NV on September 13-15, 2005.

Progressive Gaming will clearly demonstrate their transition and focus to technology solutions for global gaming operators. The new products will include the Intelligent Table System, as well as CasinoLink Enterprise Edition which will include, thin-client server based gaming showcasing over 30 slot titles, race and sports book management software, event-within-event wagering, simulated event wagering, media content management, wireless gaming and an all new mystery jackpot system.

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More Honda Fest Photos

Here are some great photos shot by Al Soluri Saturday night including founding Get A Life, Inc member, GENE SIMMONS wearing our hat!!!

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KISS Unmasked, with Mask

This is the story of one mask, two bands and a loft in New York City's Chinatown circa 1976. Everyone knows about the Starz/Kiss Aucoin connection and a persistent rumor that Starz was really KISS - unmasked. What you may not know is that a couple members of Starz, entered the 'big time' as Looking Glass, with a little ditty called "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)". The band dissolved, morphed and evolved, and still the song survived.

"Brandy" had a life of her own and after singing it about a million times up and down the Eastern Seaboard, we needed some comic relief or we knew we'd go nuts. Michael and I were cruising around downtown in whatever city we were in at the time and we stumbled upon a novelty/Halloween/joke store that had masks in the window. After trying on a few particularly hideous models, Michael spied one that was based on the Planet Of The Apes movie. He donned it and it was instant love. The Brandy Mask was born and every time we sang that song from that day forward, Michael wore the mask. By the end of the tour, we'd had it. There was no amount of money on Earth that you could have paid us to play Brandy even one more time.


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Interview with Fin Costello

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first KISS live album, "Alive!", KISS Kollector Online has posted portions of an exclusive interview with "Alive!" photographer Fin Costello, which will appear in its entirety in the November issue of KISS Kollector magazine, along with some of Fin Costello's photos (including a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes shot of ACE FREHLEY). An excerpt from the Costello interview follows:

Kiss Kollector Online: The first time you photographed KISS was on March 21, 1975 at the Beacon Theatre in New York. What did you think of them wearing all that make up and outlandish costumes and why did you decide on photographing an unknown band?


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Honda Fest Photos

KISS played live for the first time in over a year as part of the Honda Fest on Saturday (September 10) at the Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, OH. Only Honda factory workers and their families were able to get tickets to this very exclusive KISS show.

If you're wondering why this unique KISS show took place in Ohio, that's because in 1977, Honda formed a partnership with Ohio that changed the face of the automotive industry. The Honda Motor Company today has nearly 16,000 employees in Ohio, which is two-thirds of Honda's total U.S. employment.


KISS Honda Fest Concert

The rumors were true, I could not beleive it - KISS played the Honda's employee appreciation event last night in Columbus. As a life long KISS fan, I felt very lucky to have been able to go when a friend of a friend said he had the special wrist bands needed to go to the private event. These wrist bands were only given out to Columbus area Honda workers. I could not believe this as I had not even heard about this until Friday night.

Sure enough - KISS took the stage at 9:00 using a slightly scaled down version of the Farewell Tour stage. There was only one KISS logo with the 2 giant KISS Army banners hanging behind the stage. The band did not descend from the top of the stage truss but instead were center stage when the giant KISS banned dropped at the opening of Detroit Rock City. Gene, Paul, Tommy and ERIC! I really thought this was a rumor since Eric was touring with Alice Cooper who had a show scheduled in New Mexico.

The 2nd song was Deuce and from there it becomes a blur of sing alongs and air guitar. Some nice surprises were Got To Choose, Christine Sixteen & God Gave Rock N Roll To You. The show was a little scaled down with no solos or firebreathing and bloodspitting from Gene. It was an hour and a half of pure energy. There was still plenty of flames and pyro though. They closed with Rock N Roll All Night and tons of confetti.


September Q&A with TOMMY THAYER

Question #1 Gene has said KISS will take 2 years off and Paul is planning a solo tour, what will you do specificly with that long off? -- John Johnson, Hopkins, MN

TOMMY THAYER: I'm always busy. Believe it or not, if KISS isn't on tour there's still plenty to do in the KISS camp.

Question #2 Ted Nugent is out playing a few gigs, are you two working on anything together at the moment? Do you have a funny Ted story to tell? -- Raven Faix, Antioch, CA


KISS Army at Richmond

In case you haven't heard, Kevin Harvick and the Speed Channel gave KISS a lot of exposure in the number 47 KISS ARMY sponsored truck at Richmond Thursday night. Kevin qualified 5th, and got to the lead by mid race. While in the lead, Michael Waltrip was asking the commentators what their favorite KISS songs were, mentioned how great the truck looked and said Harvick had a great looking helmet too, but it didn't get on TV. Unfortunately the KISS ARMY truck didn't win, but it did finish third and Harvick was the first driver interviewed after the race. His driver suit looked great with a huge KISS ARMY logo in the center of his chest. The KISS ARMY truck got the most exposure/sponsor mentions of any other truck in the field. And it looked much better then the number 6 truck from last year.

Chicago Expo Recap
From: Kat's Eyes

Chicago! Were you there? If not, your gonna wish you were. The 2005 ChicagoLand KISS Expo blew into the windy city suburb of Countryside Illinois on Saturday, June 3. The troops moved into the ballroom to take part in what has become a ritual for KISS fans, "The KISS Expo". Jim Frangella promoted the event and was supported by vendors and fans from all over the country.

About 40 tables full of nothing but pure KISS memorabilia began to fill the room by 6 A.M. Red eyed and running on pure adrenaline, KISS dealers were set and ready for the fans that were welcomed into the hall at 11. The most diverse collection of vintage and contemporary pieces of KISSTORY were made available to the fans in the upper mid-west on Saturday. Minutes from Chicago and less than a few hours from everywhere else, this event was a hit!

Smiles of fans both young and old spread across the masses as they were greeted by drummer, ERIC SINGER, who took a day out of his busy schedule to sign hundreds of autographs. The catman is currently touring with Alice Cooper. Be sure to catch Alice as he visits a venue in your town. ERIC SINGER always talks to each fan and gives them what they want, a look into his life as a rock star. Moreover, a member of The Hottest Band In The World! For fans that have not had opportunity to meet Eric, a word to describe him would simply be WOW! Fans passed by his table and had everything signed that one can imagine. It always starts like this when a fan speaks, "I saw you at...", and Eric listens intently as fans describe their KISS memory of choice. I had the opportunity to hear Eric field questions about KISS and lots of interest that always lies in the new lineup. Eric described Tommy as being so talented and a heck of a nice guy. This writer's opinion is that KISS is Alive and will be for a very long time. I believe new material and a tour will once again sell out stadiums around the world.


Click to enlarge
Latest PAUL STANLEY Painting

As we wait to get word on the new date for his Aug 24th art show in Hawaii that had to be postponed, received an email from the gallery owner. He enclosed a pic of Paul's latest painting, Hand On Fire. Thanks, Gerard!

Mexico Expo Reminder

Tickets go on sale for the second annual Mexico City Expo, this Friday September 9th through Ticket Master, please check our web sites for more info: and

Thanks and we hope to see you there.

Blue Note
From: Columbia Daily Journal

The music concept of The Blue Note was not limited to blues or new wave or heavy metal. It truly was - and 25 years later still is - a place for everyone. An amazing diversity of artists has graced the stage at 17 N. Ninth St. over the years, including Johnny Cash, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen Latifah, John Mellencamp, The Pixies, Branford Marsalis, Rita Marley, Joan Baez and Chuck Berry. I have so many fond memories. One of my favorites is that of a peg-legged Vietnam vet who had a KISS tattoo on every part of his body that I permitted him to show me. We had an ACE FREHLEY show going on, and one of our doormen came to me and said, "There's this guy up front who wants to talk to you." Typically, this meant someone had a complaint and had requested to speak to a manager. I walked to the lobby, ready to hear his complaint. The man immediately embraced me and said, "I just wanted to thank you for bringing this concert here. I've seen KISS (something crazy like 27 times), but this was the best ever because I stood right there in front of Ace, and at the end of the show, he gave me a high five. I will never forget this night for as long as I live. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

low resolution image Not Enlargeable
GENE SIMMONS' Rock School: the final band
From: TV Squad

They're only three weeks in and GENE SIMMONS and the kids have four weeks until their final exam (opening for Motorhead). Simmons is looking for a keyboard player so he holds auditions. The kids play fairly well but it's usually only classical pieces. Camilla, with her hair pulled tight behind her head, is still not into the whole rock scene. During the audition, she finally lets her hair down (literally), and swings it about a bit while playing a piece. It's definitely not a rock piece but she tripped up on so many notes that she decided to let go and speed it up. It added something extra and Simmons was impressed to see this change in Camilla's efforts.

And, since they're down to the final two positions (keyboard and bass), the kids that haven't gotten positions already realize that the next few days are crucial. No one wants to be the stage manager or the waterboy. The kids that aren't auditioning with Simmons are getting restless. He may be busy getting a rock band together but he's obviously not paying enough attention to each kid. Kids are talking and passing notes around to kill time. Frances and Dudders have a budding relationship. They're, like, totally crushing on each other, you guys.

Mr. Simmons, in order to spread more rock, does a performance for some adults that, honestly, don't look like his typical crowd. They're dressed nicely in sweaters and khakis and I don't think there was a single person that was under 60 years-old. He plays KISS' "Rock &Roll All Night", trying to get the people to clap along. They give in and clap -- well, they try to, anyway. They're terribly off-beat. I suppose you can't really blame them since it's not like you normally clap along to Chopin or Mozart. Some even start singing along, which was really nice to see. At the end, the adults say they didn't like the music in the most polite way possible. Things like, "Not quite my style... sorry". Clearly rock isn't their cup of tea.


low resolution image Not Enlargeable
GENE SIMMONS School Of Rock sees posh Brits get rocking
From: Metal Hammer

KISS bassist/vocalist GENE SIMMONS recently spoke to out about GENE SIMMONS' Rock School, VH1's new show about a group of prissy, young British boarding-school students trained in classical music who spend several weeks learning how to be mini rock gods under the tutelage of Mr. Simmons.

"You don't have to know how to read or write music at all to be successful in the music business. And as far as rap is concerned, you don't need to have any qualifications whatsoever, you could just be a drug dealer off the street and simply start talking - it's not about music, it's about charisma."

Regarding the fact that he appointed the smallest, geekiest kid in the class to be the band's frontman because of the kid's charismatic performance in an audition, Simmons said, "You can have a huge show and be a fantastic instrumentalist, but if you're not charismatic, nobody will care. By the way, you don't even need to be the lead singer - I was as interested in Pete Townshend as I was in Roger Daltrey in The Who because he made a spectacle out of himself."


New Cingular ROKR Phone and Rock and Roll All Night

Be sure to check out the new Cingular ROKR phone online. KISS' Rock 'N Roll All Nite is prominently featured in the online demos. Lots of people and bears dancing to the beat! and then "See It In Action."

From: The Oregonian

Straight-laced Pacific University may be loosening up a bit.

The newest member of its board of trustees is the lead guitarist of KISS, the 1970s heavy metal band known for its elaborate makeup and costumes, stadium pyrotechnics and high-volume mantra that spoke of the need to "rock and roll all night and party every day."

TOMMY THAYER, a Cedar Hills native and 1978 graduate of Sunset High School, was elected this summer to the board of trustees. He joined business executives, doctors and former Gov. Vic Atiyeh on the board guiding the 2,500-student liberal arts college.


Click to enlarge
Mexico KISS Expo

Tickets go on sale for the second annual Mexico City Expo, this friday september the 9th through Ticket Master, please check or web sites for more info: and

Thanks and we hope to see you there.

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Russ and Friends

Great photo of KISS Asylum's Russ Dannecker with ERIC SINGER and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick.

KISS Ebay Warning

Received a great letter to help aid KISS fans on buying on Ebay. Thanks Peter for taking the time to write in!


Hi there,

Let me start of buying saying that I think you guys are doing a GREAT job! I've been coming to your site since about 1997 and I love it:) You guys are doing a fantastic job keeping the fans up to date with KISS news....THANKS!!

My reason for e-mailing you is as follows. I been collecting KISS stuff for over 20 years and do most of my purchasing through e-bay. It seems that as the years go by there's more and more fake KISS stuff being sold on e-bay like fake autographs, fake awards, reproduction boxes being passed off as original, etc.


Click to enlarge
Rock The Nation DVD Ad

Still not sure when it's coming out - but here is an ad design we found.

KISS Ringtones

Check Out for some cool KISS Ringtones!

KISS Sighting

Hey everyone,

I have a recent KISS sighting. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and I was watching TV when a commercial for B&B appliance came on. During their commercial when they show the selection of televisions in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, they were showing a KISS concert playing on their TV's. It was a more recent concert because they showed a close up of TOMMY THAYER (in make-up).

Long Island Music Hall of Fame

Hello to everyone. I'm sure all KISS fans will find this very cool and interesting. Out here on Long Island, New York, there will soon be a place called the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. It'll be the "Home of over 100 years of American Music History." It will consist of a museum, a resource center, an educational facility and a performance venue. The museum will be "a place where musicians of both regional and national merit, local venues and industry professionals are honored as either part of the museum exhibits, or as inductees into the Hall of fame."

Awards have already been presented to artists such as Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Leslie West (Mountain), Gary U.S. Bonds and Pat Benatar. There is also a very huge list of prestigious, future inductees. The criteria for induction is: "an artist or group that either was born on Long Island or has resided on Long Island for a significant portion of their career."

GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY and PETER CRISS of, get this, K.I.S.S. are scheduled to be inducted. (No mention of Ace!) I wonder what K.I.S.S. stands for, in their opinion? In any case, the place looks like it's going to be very fun and informative. Here is their link:

Click to enlarge
The Other Prototype Gene Dynasty Costume
From: KISS Museum

The recently posted photos of the "Demon on my back" prototype GENE SIMMONS costume was not the only alternate costume the Demon sported among the pages of the Dynasty Tourbook. If you look closely, there is yet another version, in only two photos, clearly showing an outfit covered with chrome studs and chains. This outfit, sold at the great KISS auction of 1999, claimed to be a non-stage worn item. The KISS fans attending the first two shows of the Dynasty Tour, June 15th and June 17th 1979 in Lakeland and Pembroke Pines Florida, would tell you otherwise. These photos, shot by a fan from the audience, show this costume getting a rigorous work-out on opening night. After only two shows it was retired for the silver monster outfit we all know and love today.

Click the more link for additional photos of this alternate prototype costume.


Chuck Garric Interview

KISS Revenge Express features a new interview (from September 5, 2005) with Chuck Garric, bass player for Alice Cooper band. He talks about Alice & KISS... Also he sent couple new photos.

KISS Cover band member, contestant on "Australian Idol".

Just a little aussie heads up, not sure why anyone else didn't spot this before but the latest Australian Idol show has a contestant who plays PAUL STANLEY in a KISS cover band. Whenever he gets a chance he wears KISS or KISS Related shirts in interviews etc. Good to see some KISS stuff injected into the Idol scene. It doesnt seem like the KISS army are really behind him?

Here's a quote from the show: "Next up the ten contestants are taken through some styling by the makeup crew, the competitors get to make the ultimate choice over clothes and image but the team are there to help by making suggestions. Lindsay doesn't seem to be concerned about all the makeup, after all he's in a KISS tribute band. The style team know that people judge the competitors on their appearance as well as their voices, so they take this role seriously."

His name is Lindsay West and he's already been voted out once but they brought him back for a second chance. It'd be great if he gets through on his second chance, a PAUL STANLEY cover is just what Idol needs. Can't really tell which KISS cover band he came from though...

Dean M.

Baltimore KISS Expo Update

KISS drummer ERIC SINGER has been confirmed as the special guest!!

Saturday, October 15 - The Pikesville Hilton Lounge Baltimore/Washington KISS Expo exclusive . . . LIVE KARAOKE! Pick a KISS song, then sing it accompanied by a live band. Don't miss it!

Sunday, October 16 - Vendors and dealers from across the U.S. selling tons of new and vintage KISS memorabilia! A food court so you can have lunch without having to leave the Expo! A KISS museum including authentic costumes and rare memorabilia! A KISS look-alike contest with a $100.00 cash grand prize! Face painting! Door prizes!


Chicagoland KISS Expo

Hope to see a lot of Asylum readers at the Expo this weekend. Please stop by and say hello!!

Saturday September 3rd at the HOLIDAY INN - COUNTRYSIDE 6201 Joliet Road, LaGrange/Countryside, Illinois 60525-3958. 1-(708) 354-4200, featuring KISS Drummer ERIC SINGER. The Expo begins at noon.

Details on the Rock The Nation Live! DVD

There's been a lot of talk about the forthcoming KISS DVD Rock The Nation Live! amongst fans over the last few months. Whereas a release date still hasn't been announced, according to Sanctuary Records' website the initial idea of releasing a 2-DVD set recently changed into a 4-DVD set. Unfortunately, details about the extra two discs are unknown as of yet (but a little while ago word went around that these two additional discs are to feature a 1972 concert as well as a supposed Winterland '73 show - however, KISS wasn't named KISS yet back in '72 although ACE FREHLEY joined the band in December of that year - and as far as we know WICKED LESTER performed their last live concert in '71 so it's quite impossible to include a live show from '72, and KISS didn't play live in Winterland in '73...) but in the fourth issue of official KISS magazine - which came out recently and mentioned a summer release for the DVD - the tracklisting for the 2 DVD's containing the actual Rock The Nation Tour footage was revealed. As well as several other details about the discs' contents.

And if all that hasn't changed by now, then things look very promising for the upcoming DVD. It might turn out to be the coolest KISS DVD released up till now. Not only will it contain no less than 20 live tracks, but also incredible behind-the-scenes footage. Intermingled with the songs will be exciting backstage footage - including stuff shot in the dressing room, at sound check, on the road, etc. TOMMY THAYER (who previously was responsible for the KISS DVD's The Second Coming and Symphony as well as TED NUGENT's Full Bluntal Nugity) was in charge of the DVD project and likes to refer to all the behind-the-scenes footage - which was filmed by Spiro Papadatos - as little "documentaries". Kevin McCullough (who did the editing for the Symphony DVD and worked with GENE SIMMONS on his Speaking In Tongues DVD) edited the concert footage whereas Tommy edited the behind-the-scenes/documentary footage. The documentary sections have been divided into 7 different chapters, and includ e voice overs by the band members.

First up is The Dressing Room, which chronicles what each band member does to get ready for the show (including PAUL STANLEY's vocal exercises), putting on make up and costumes, etc. Then there's Photo Shoot, taking you back to the March 2004 photo session at Neil Zlowzower's studio which was a month or two before the Rock The Nation Tour kicked off. The third documentary is titled The Meet & Greets, which explains the reasoning behind doing the Platinum Packages (and which features the best 3 or 4 meet & greets). Next up is Soundchecks, including bits 'n' pieces of 'Mr. Speed', 'All The Way', 'The Oath', 'I Stole Your Love', 'Comin' Home' and 'Two Timer'. The fifth documentary is The Theatre Shows, featuring bits from the two theater shows during the 2004 Australian tour which brings back memories of the band's original theater/club days. On The Road is the title of the next documentary, showcasing pretty much the other 22 hours of the day on a typical concert day (flying on the private KISS jet, traveling to each city and venue) as well as off-days (on which you could find the band bowling). And ending the Rock The Nation discs is Fan Testimonials/Credits, which speaks for itself.


low resolution image Not Enlargeable
Hurricane Relief

I'm sure you are aware of the terrible situation created by Hurricane Katrina. Please think of all the people who have lost everything. Many don't even know where their families are. We hope that in this time of need, you will donate whatever you can to the Red Cross or other charity of your choice.

All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people. You can help the victims of this disaster by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which enables the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need. Call 1-800-HELP NOW or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund may be sent to your local American Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P. O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013. Internet users can make a secure online contribution by visiting


Our good friend Al Soluri sent in these great photos he took of Eric at an Alice Cooper show last week!

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge


KISS-Inspired Novelist Hits the Airwaves

This Tuesday, September 6 from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., author Colette Shaw will join Rockland World Radio to discuss her new novel Won't Get Fooled Again. A former college dean, the writer will discuss how her good-girl image and heavy metal fantasies culminated in the writing of her book.

Broadcast live from New York City, Rockland World Radio is available via the world wide web at and archived for repeated play.

For news updates and a calendar of Shaw's upcoming appearances, please visit

Colette Shaw

Gene's Birthday Party

Several photos from Gene's Birthday Party

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge


low resolution image Not Enlargeable
Rock Star Poker

GENE SIMMONS PRESENTS ROCK STAR bet. The first event, simply called Rock Star Poker, at the Palms Hotel, featured myself, DAVE NAVARRO, JERRY CANTRELL AND CHAD KROEGER

I sucked and was thrown out early in the game. But, there were many beautiful women to console me and heal my wounds ( favorite part, by the way). Dave stayed in the game a while longer, but Jerry was up about 30 grand, before he, too was tossed out.

The afterparty was a zoo...foamy hot tubs filled with girls (*note: unfortunately, they had to take all their clothes off, so that their clothes wouldn't get wet...I'm sure you understand)....Dave popped into the tub for a quick dip.

And all the festivities were filmed.

What's New in KISS Collectibles
Official KISS Magazine #4
From: KISS Museum

The Official KISS Magazine was quite an undertaking from the start. As issue #4 hits the stands this week, we ask: Can a magazine devoted to only one band still fill its pages time after time with all-new content? Or are we just getting the same rehashed blabber inside a new cover?

Hold onto your dragon boots - like the preceding three issues, we have 72 pages of solid KISS, cover to cover. Starting off is some exciting new information on the upcoming home DVD concert release, followed by reviews of April's Rock The Corps show honoring U.S. soldiers.

Although many pages are devoted to current news, the vast majority of articles, photos and content dig deep into the past, uncovering new information that will surprise even the most knowledgeable of fans. Premier KISS writer Ken Sharp, (KISStory, Spin, Billboard, etc.), delves deep into GENE SIMMONS' past with a brilliantly detailed article exploring the demon's passion for comics, science fiction writing and the fanzines he created as a child. Sharp is then joined by Curt Gooch and Jeff Souhs, both of KISS Alive Forever fame, with an amazing 10-page review of KISS music videos. The article contains some amazing details and outtake photos never before published, and includes an expose on the unreleased "Who Wants To Be Lonely" video. This original version was to have the KISS members dressed in business suits going to board meetings and trudging around in corporate-land. The band wisely thought the video wouldn't excite its fans, so it was re-shot as the concert piece we know today. An array of outtake photos of this video disaster are here to see, should you find this hard to believe.

Item Of The

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Ace Frehley Scrapbook

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