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Dale with Josh Leroux at a White
Sox game earlier this year.
Double belated congratulations!!

A huge congratulations to our good friend Dale Torborg, the KISS wrestler the Demon. Dale has much to celebrate in 2005! Most importantly the birth of his daughter Sierra Raye August 18th! Sierra weighed 6lbs 12on. and was 19 1/2 inches at birth. She is Dale and his wife Christi's first child.

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Dale in his Pro Wrestling days
as the Demon.
We also have to congratulate Dale on getting his 2nd World Series Championship ring in 3 years! Dale is a strength coach for the 2005 World Champion White Sox. He won his first World Series ring in 2003 as a coach with the Florida Marlins.

Gene in Miller Ad
From: Donna Albrecht

GENE SIMMONS appears in a new Miller ad. He is a witness during the "taste on trial" series of ads. He is considered an expert on taste and when the opposing lawyer objects by asking what qualifies him as an expert, he sticks out his notorious tongue. The judge says, "let me see that," and Gene sticks it out again.

The Australian KISS Army
From: George Xirocostos, Sydney Australia

The KISS Army, the largest rock 'n' roll fan club in the world, as you all should know by now has declared war on the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. We are getting prepared and want to start mobilizing very soon.

The need to serve KISS has come, so let's all get involved and ready as one. There will be no bullshit (who's in charge) attitude.

We are all on this together and will stand as one! We need to spread the word, start telling everyone you meet who might not necessary be KISS fans like us, but people who will more than likely realise that KISS are the legends of Rock N Roll and deserve their place in the Rock N Roll hall of fame. The more people that hear about this, the better. We want to march on the streets of Melbourne, as Melbourne is the KISS capital of AUSTRALIA.


Rat City Roller Girls

In the new issue of ESPN the Magazine, the Rat City Roller Girls are featured. Apparently, some of these Seattle-based roller girls dress as KISS members while competing. You can see some great pix of these girls in the new ESPN Magazine, plus they have photos on their site.

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KISS fan on the Slovak TV channel!

There is a reality show performed daily on the Slovak TV channel. It turned out to be really succesfull. One of the competitors is serious KISS fan which is clear sign that KISS haven`t lost their popularity in Europe. We hope KISS will include the old continent on their next tour.

GENE SIMMONS On PAUL STANLEY: 'I Can't Think Of Another Guy I Admire And Care About More'

"All the best life has to offer to Paul [Stanley, KISS frontman] and Erin [Sutton] on their marriage. Paul has been my partner for over 30 years. I can't think of another guy I admire and care about more. Send your congratulations to Paul and Erin at"

As previously reported, Stanley married longtime girlfriend Sutton on Saturday, November 19. The ceremony took place at The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington in Pasadena, California. Check out pictures of Stanley and Sutton taken at Rock & Republic's Gifting Lounge on Oct. 18, 2005. This is the second marriage for Stanley, who has an 11-year-old son, Evan Shane Stanley, with his first wife, Dallas native Pamela Bowen.

Stanley is currently working on his first non-KISS release since his self-titled 1978 album, issued in tandem with solo projects from the other three original KISS members. Joining Stanley on his new solo album are session drummer Victor Indrizzo, guitarist Corky James, former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK (who plays bass on a few songs) and noted string arranger David Campbell. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Wake Up Screaming", "Second to None" and "Live to Win". An early 2006 release is expected.

Rock The Nation DVD Review

KISS has issued countless home videos and DVD's over the years, so it's understandable to assume that their 2005 model, 'Rock the Nation: Live,' treads similar water. But unlike the others, this double DVD set reconstructs the complete set of a KISS 'rock' concert (2003's KISS Symphony saw the band collaborate with…a symphony). And in this case, the group's 2004 summer tour is showcased - by combining highlights from shows in Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach. While hardcore fans of the original line-up may frown upon the release since ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS aren't present (replaced by TOMMY THAYER and ERIC SINGER, respectively), there is quite a lot to attract longtime admirers of the group. First off, in addition to the expected classics, the DVD sees the group dust off quite a few tracks that had rarely been played before (some making their live debut), including such standouts as "Got To Choose," "Love Her All I Can," and as a bonus bit, "Goin' Blind." Secondly, there are a few interesting gadgets not included on any previous KISS DVD releases, most notably a 'KISS Powervision/Select-A-KISS' option, which lets you zero in on the specific KISS member of your choosing. One complaint though is the annoying constant presence of pre-recorded, scantily clad strippers dancing away on screens behind the band, rather than close-up shots of the group itself (which would have come in handy for the poor buggers stranded all the way up in the nose bleeds). From a sound and visual point of view, 'Rock the Nation: Live' is arguably the finest live KISS DVD to hit the marketplace. One can only hope that when KISS finally decides to open the vaults, vintage shows will be on par with this.

A KISS Wedding


PAUL STANLEY married long time girlfriend Erin Sutton, yesterday, Saturday, November 19th. The ceremony took place at The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington in Pasadena. KISSOnline [and KISSAsylum] wishes Paul and Erin all the best!

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Birth of an Army: A revolution had humble beginnings 30 years ago in a Terre Haute basement
Valley native Bill Starkey began KISS fan club 30 years ago
From: Terre-Haute Tribune/Star

Two things are certain about the birth of the KISS Army -- Bill Starkey founded that fan club as a Terre Haute teen-ager in 1975, and "it's a very bizarre story" as he puts it.

So let's start at the end.

Starkey is now a 49-year-old elementary teacher at Indianapolis Public School 109. His third-graders aren't too familiar with KISS -- that quartet of face-painted, platform-heeled rockers who hit it big with 1970s anthem tunes such as "Rock and Roll All Night." Some of those kids' parents remember KISS. But not like Starkey does.


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Wednesday 13 in KISS Masks
From: Marco Hartmann

Roadrunner recording Artists Wednesday 13 surprised the Dutch crowd last Sunday night by coming on stage during the encore wearing the famous KISS latex Masks.

The Band currently on tour in Europe comments: "The crowd just loved it and went wild!! Hey it's a KISS Nation after all ... We all grew up with the hottest band and needless to say we just love them."

Each night before we hit the stage you will hear KISS music out of our dressing room and during the drives on the tourbus ... yep ... we are watching a lot of KISS video's

Wednesday 13 is about to release their new video Bad Things from their album: Transylvania 90210.

KISS Sign With Steiner Sports Marketing

As part of the Steiner-KISS agreement, Steiner will arrange an appearance with KISS and offer autographed guitars, photographs, drum heads and other memorabilia. Fans will also have the opportunity to send in their own favorite KISS collectibles to be signed by the band. The first KISS signing is scheduled for late 2005.

Formed in 1973, KISS is one of rock n roll's most enduring groups. Though they're famous for their outlandish makeup and wild costumes, such songs as "Rock and Roll All Nite", "Beth" and "Detroit Rock City" remain rock radio staples to this day. The current incarnation of KISS features original members GENE SIMMONS and PAUL STANLEY, as well as ERIC SINGER and TOMMY THAYER.

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Given The Tools To Rock 'N Roll
From: The Oregonian

For one afternoon, W.L. Henry Elementary School was the School of Rock. Hillsboro High School's jazz band grooved. Teachers rolled out the red carpet. And TOMMY THAYER, lead guitarist for the glam rock band KISS, presented 12 new musical instruments to boost the school's band program from three members who provide their own instruments -- two clarinets and a flute -- to a full-force 15-piece ensemble. "It's near and dear to my heart because it's where I started," Thayer said Thursday of school band programs. "It worked for me." Thayer, who grew up in Cedar Hills, where his parents Jim and Pat Thayer still live, played the saxophone at Sunset High School. He also learned the guitar and eventually took over for original KISS member Ace "The Spaceman" Frehley. For the past few months, Thayer has been rediscovering his Oregon roots: He was recently elected to Pacific University's board of trustees, is building a house at the Oregon Coast and has donated money to Sunset High.

Thayer met W.L. Henry Principal Enedelia Schofield at a recent administrative retreat for Pacific University in Forest Grove. She mentioned to him that the school has never had a full band. The 620-student elementary school has the second-highest poverty rate in the district: 90 percent of its students receive free or reduced-price lunches. "A lot of our students have a lack of role models (for music education)," Schofield said. "They don't have the exposure to music. Music could be the key to their success."

Thayer used his professional connections with Samick Music Corp. to win the donation of $5,000 worth of band instruments: a flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone and snare drum. The school matched the donation with six instruments purchased with fundraising money. "I've been waiting seven years to be able to have a band," said sixth-grader Mykael Moore, the school's lone flutist. At Thursday's assembly in the school's gymnasium, Schofield and Thayer announced winners of coveted spots in the band. Of the school's 80 sixth-graders, 24 requested a chance to be in the band. Twelve were selected to use the instruments. The new musicians begin rehearsing next week.


Two Projects featuring BRUCE KULICK

Former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK makes a guest appearance on the new album by Swedish axeman Tommy Denander's solo project RADIOACTIVE. Titled "Taken", the CD features Kulick on a song called "Premonition". Other celebrity musicians on the album include Steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Porcaro and Andreas Carlsson, who has previously collaborated with BON JOVI and DEF LEPPARD and recently worked with PAUL STANLEY on the KISS frontman's upcoming solo album. Denander himself recorded guitar parts for two songs on Stanley's solo CD earlier this year.

Also, former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider and Kulick will be making guest appearances on the new LORDI album, entitled "The Arockalypse". Dirkschneider will visit the band in the studio this week and is expected to contribute his distinctive voice to a song called "They Only Come Out at the Night".

"Udo has my absolute favourite heavy metal voice," said LORDI leader Mr. Lordi. "I saw U.D.O. on the 'Animal House' tour in 1998. I was there in the first row, and since that I've been to every single U.D.O. and ACCEPT gig in Finland. His voice has influenced me a lot. I'm sure that some fans may have noticed how I sometimes desperately try to imitate his singing style," Mr. Lordi laughed.

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GENE SIMMONS' Ex-Lover Files Suit
From: Associated Press

A woman who claims to be a former girlfriend of KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS can proceed with a defamation lawsuit in which she says he made her sound like a "sex-addicted nymphomaniac" during a VH1 television show, a judge has ruled.

State Supreme Court Justice Rosalyn Richter denied Simmons' motion to dismiss two of three claims by Georgeann Walsh Ward, 53, who says in court papers made public Friday that Simmons slandered her during a "rockumentary" about KISS.

Ward said in her lawsuit, filed in January, that photos of her appeared 11 times during the report on KISS, which was shown on the network several times in July and August. In it, Simmons claimed to have had sexual encounters with 4,600 women.


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The Ultimate Rock Body
From: Associated Press

Spin magazine has built a veritable rock star Frankenstein, composed of Michael Stipe's skull, Elvis Presley's pelvis and Madonna's bellybutton.

Spin charts the 25 "most incredible" rock star body parts in its September issue, now on newsstands. Madonna's navel tops the list.

"It's what first marked her as a mainstream provocateur," senior Spin writer Marc Spitz writes.


KISS' PAUL STANLEY Readies Second Solo Set

Kiss may not be planning on hitting the recording studio any time soon, but vocalist/guitarist PAUL STANLEY is heading down the solo route. As first tipped here in 2003, Stanley is nearing completion on his first non-Kiss release since his self-titled 1978 album, issued in tandem with solo projects from the other three original KISS members.

"So far everybody that's heard [the album] thinks it's great, so I'm real pleased with it," Stanley tells of the as-yet-untitled set. "Again, at this point, if it sells 100 copies or 100,000 copies or 10,000,000 copies, it won't change my life either way. All it's about is doing what I want to do and what I have the freedom to do. That being said, it's a very mainstream album. I don't think I'm going to surprise anybody being mistaken for somebody else. It was important to me to do the album I wanted to do, without any regard for anybody else's opinion or direction."

Stanley did not reveal specifics about the sonic direction of the project, but says time has only sharpened his skills. "It's not 1978 anymore," he says. "It's certainly the same mentality, and certainly I'm a better singer today. My perspective and where I'm at in my life at this point, and what I've experienced and seen, brings something else to the table that wasn't there then. But I still look back on that album as a really great snapshot of who I was and what I was doing then."


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"I Am Just A Boy"

This is a pictcure of 9 year old Scott from Yonkers ,New York. Now we know alot of kids were dressed as KISS this Halloween, but not many came to the door singing "I Am Just A Boy"!!! Scott always reminds me what PAUL STANLEY said during the Rock The Nation Tour.."KISS army of the future, we were there for your parents...and we will be there for you!" He awaits their return.

Scott's dad, Joe Diaz (P.S. Homemade mask)

Sack Trick Added To UK Expo
From: Sack Trick

Nottingham Rock City
Saturday November 19th

Also appearing UK Tribute Dressed to Kill and KISS drummer ERIC SINGER See for tickets and more details on events and other guests.

We'll be doing a set at about 3pm, then after a break for some tea we'll be hanging out, seeing all the stalls, meeting other KISS fans and staying on for the Rock Club till 3am (tickets for the Expo get you into the club free). It's going to be a great day out. After all you've got to lose your mind in Nottingham Rock City!


KISS And The Hall Of Fame
From: New York Daily News

In the Wednesday, October 12th New York Daily News newspaper, on page 39, there is an article on KISS, and their not being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The story is in the Wednesday: NOW section of the paper, and the headline reads: Rocking the Vote/Daily News readers turn up the volume over Hall of Fame nominations/Battle of the bands' fans. This is what a reader posted: "Here's the problem with the Hall: that Black Sabbath wouldn't be considered an 'automatic' and KISS has never even been nominated. When two bands that are seminal and enduring - like it or not, critics - are not recognized, the Hall's voters are clearly out to fulfill some misguided notion of artistic purity rather than recognize impact, influence and achievement. No knock on the Pretenders, a recent inductee, but has their impact and influence been even a fraction of that of those two 'meathead' metal bands?" submitted by PPost. With this article there is a small, but cool black and white photo of Gene and Paul, live on stage taken during one of these past few tours. The writer of the story, David Hinckley, added this: "As usual, other folks had opinions, too, may of which seem to support a Black Sabbath candidacy- or a KISS revolution."

Rocking the vote
Daily News readers turn up the volume over Hall of Fame nominations

Two weeks ago, I remarked on the 16 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2006. They are, in alphabetical order: Black Sabbath, Blondie, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, the Dave Clark Five, Miles Davis, the J. Geils Band, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mellencamp, the Sex Pistols, the Sir Douglas Quintet, the Patti Smith Group, Cat Stevens, the Stooges and Joe Tex.


Interview with Paul and Tommy

I interviewed TOMMY THAYER and PAUL STANLEY today for the upcoming 'Rock the Nation Live!' DVD. Paul also mentioned a big project that the band will be undertaking soon (classic footage).

Make-up clad rock icons KISS will on Dec. 13 release a double-disc concert DVD, "Rock the Nation Live!," via Image Entertainment. Although there are countless KISS home videos and DVDs on the market, "Nation" sets itself apart with an abundance of rare songs, the "KISS Powervision/Select-A-KISS" option to hone in on an individual member and candid behind-the-scenes vignettes.

Taped in summer 2004 in Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach, the DVD features core members PAUL STANLEY and GENE SIMMONS flanked by guitarist TOMMY THAYER and drummer ERIC SINGER. "We were playing a lot of songs that KISS hadn't played in years, or haven't played at all," Thayer tells "One day, Doc McGhee, the manager, came into the dressing room, and said, 'We really need to film and record this show, because it's so good. It's probably the best KISS performance I've seen.' So we said, 'OK.' That was the spark that got the whole thing going."Make-up clad rock icons KISS will on Dec. 13 release a double-disc concert DVD, "Rock the Nation Live!," via Image Entertainment. Although there are countless KISS home videos and DVDs on the market, "Nation" sets itself apart with an abundance of rare songs, the "KISS Powervision/Select-A-KISS" option to hone in on an individual member and candid behind-the-scenes vignettes.


KISS Cartoon And Videos

A KISS cartoon, videos for Rock N Roll All Nite (live) and Psycho Circus, and a photo gallery are available at Yahoo Music Now.

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Happy Birthday Tommy

KISSAsylum would like to wish TOMMY THAYER a happy birthday!

KISS Cover
From: UPWA Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestler Mean Marc Ash has released a CD & on it is a cover of KISS anthem "Rock and Roll All Nite". The CD can be purchased at or can be heard at

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Ask Paul

QUESTION: I read that you attended a Raspberries concert recently, the article said they are one of your all time favorite bands. What other groups have been long time favs of yours? --- Michelle Ackerman, Las Vegas, NV

ANSWER: Hi Michelle!

Yes, I did go see the Raspberries. As a band that was clearly influenced by some of my favorites, The Beatles, The Who, and The Small Faces, I always felt a kinship to the Raspberries from the first time I heard them. It was great to see them back together after so long. Most of my favorite bands and strongest influences were the English bands of the sixties. Besides the ones I already mentioned, The Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, and The Move are among some of my favorites. At a time when music in America was being made by a bunch of unattractive slobs who looked like they just rolled out of bed, the image conscious philosophy of those great British bands was a much needed breath of fresh air and a wake up call to rock fans everywhere. Thanks for your question!


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Another Gene Pumpkin

Another pumpkin painted as Gene for Halloween.

ERIC SINGER in Drummer Magazine

UK's DRUMMER Mag has an exclusive Story about Eric in this months issue. Check it out!

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From: Terje

I made this in honor of KISS - KISS is art in itself


"Snowblind" Covered

The new Sept 2005 release of Nashville Pussy's album "Get Some" has a great cover of "Snowblind". It is very no frills, just raw rock and roll.

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3 Weeks Until KISS Expo UK III

The date, November 19th 2005, the venue, Nottingham Rock City, UK. Very special guest is current member of KISS - ERIC SINGER !

Hot from the Alice Cooper UK tour, ERIC SINGER will be there for a 'Q & A' session, everyone who attends is guaranteed an autograph and photo session, and ya never know, he may just play a little ! There are live performances from the U.K.'s Number 1 KISS tribute band Dressed to Kill, Adam Bomb and Sack Trick and along for the ride again, will be Channel 4's Mr. Iain Lee. Jazan Wild will be coming over from the U.S. to promote his new comic book "Carnival of Souls" KISS Dealers from around the UK - Europe - USA, mainstream rock dealers are also welcome. All the usual competitions, signed memorabilia raffle, face painting etc. price includes entry to "Rock in the Rig" thru til 3.00 am. Children over 14 are welcome until 9pm Doors open at 2.00 pm, VIP early entry 1.00pm

Go to for more details and to book tickets, or call the Rock City Box Office 0115 9588484.

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Tampa Tribute Band
From: She's Alive

Tampa Florida's KISS Tribute band made an appearance at Bricktown 54 in Clearwater. "She'sAlive" was in full form and regalia Halloween night.They won 1st place in overall costumes.

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Gene Pumpkin

Just saw the painted KISS pumpkins and thought I'd send you the one we had in our house this year. A different take on Gene breathing fire !!

All the best,
Dave Robinson (UK)

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KISS Pumpkins

They're real and hand painted by my dad, Joe Coppola!

Philly KISS Sightings

#1 - KISS was mentioned on Philly station WMMR a ton of times these last few weeks with Halloween. I heard it all on the Morning show with Preston and Steve. By far the best morning show I've heard.

#2 Friday, they (Preston and Steve) had a pumpkin carving contest.....With CHAINSAWS!!!! how else? And the winner was a GENE SIMMONS pumpkin. The Judge, Devon, picked this one only after her creator explained it was supposed to be Gene. There is video on WMMRs site of this (You'll need Apple Quicktime to view it).

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Halloween Costume

Had a great Halloween this year dressing up at work as my favorite KISS band member PAUL STANLEY. Haven't done this since I was in High School and that was quite some time ago. It was a blast and the customers got a real kick out of it. One customer who wasn't too familiar with the band members names asked me, "Which one are you?" I replied, "PAUL STANLEY...........I'm the cute one of course." Well Paul, How did I do? Hope I did you justice and hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

Belated October Q&A With TOMMY THAYER

Question #1 What is better, a good agent or a good manager as a band starting out can't always afford both? -- Scott Farina, Boca Ratan, FL

ANSWER: Time and time again I see starting bands or artists focusing on things like managers, agents, record company contacts etc., and forgetting about the ONLY thing that is really important: How good you are! Believe me, if your band is truly great and you write amazing songs - every manager, agent and record company in the world will be on your doorstep fast.

Question #2 What were the guitar setups you used for KISS SYMPHONY? I keep trying to figure out the acoustic gear, but I'm not able to. -- Billy R., Lake Worth, FL


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What's New In KISS Collectibles
KISS Fall Clothing

Just in time for the change in weather, KISS has released several new designs of long and short sleeve shirts.

The KISS RED HOODED SWEATSHIRT is, like the sweatshirts from last fall, made of an 80/20% poly/cotton blend material with a zippered front and hood with drawstring. Also for the cooler weather is the new KISS LOVE GUN LONG SLEEVE SHIRT printed with the new "discharge ink" process. Through a bleaching and re-coloring process, the image appears flush with the material; not the thick, rubbery ink that lies on top of the cloth like traditional printed shirts. The end result is a beautiful print that looks as if it had been woven into the material itself. No sticking or peeling...amazing!

All shirts are available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL. Click links below for larger images and ordering info.

KISS Red Hooded sweatshirt...$35.00
KISS Love Gun Long Sleeve, (discharge ink)...$ 24.50
KISS Bats T-Shirt, (discharge ink)...$19.95
KISS Space Disk T-Shirt...$19.95

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Rock Life Magazine Brazil

The new issue of Brazilian rock magazine ROCK LIFE O Rock Mais Vivo que Nunca! has just been released in Brazil! In its October 2005 issue the Hottest Band in The Land is featured on the cover with a seven-page story featuring an exclusive interview with KISS lead guitarist TOMMY THAYER. The story is also loaded with lots of fantastic photos, a great one, indeed!!!

All the best,
Marcio Siqueira
KISS Kommunikation

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